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    The only problem I have is that when you declare war on an activity or ideology rather than a corporate state with international boundaries, then you open the opponent to subjective definition; one man's trash is another man's treasure- one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. Point in case: repeated reference to the "enemy" in Iraq as "Insurgents" look up Webster's definition of "Insurgent" and tell me why we should be killing them for someone Else's cause? This, naturally, is referring to our "War on Terror" or our "War on Drugs".
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    Then add in proclamations like 'You are either us or you are with ______" and you further prime the polarization. Someone Else's is right on. Legitimate nations have no business in those Else's problems unless it is to protect their own borders, not as a ruse to justify securing limited resources.
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    Not gonna catch the dumb who daily fill themselves to capacity with huge doses of American Idol, Jersey Shore and the like. Wording is complex and lengthy. Not all of the US is smart enough to handle what he laid out. And like it or not, the smart are vastly outnumbered by the dumb. At election time masses of cranially challenged morons check a box or don't even show up to vote and that has a hand in politicians keeping on the same track that they occupy now.

    We have to break it down in a way that would infuriate Mr. and Mrs. Couch Potato. We have to find a way to bring the main messages to their cotton candy brains so as to motivate them enough that they get involved. This is the secret and trick of putting forth ideas. Tell them it's hot and yet they still burn themselves to find out. They love catchphrases and "terrorist" is just another one. Anyone can be labeled that and they will pause long enough in their face stuffing activity to hate you, then back to who sings the best. That is the truth in America. Land that I love, land of morons.

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