Whats this world is coming to.

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    This man dont need arrested he need exicuted on the sidewalk

    Police: NYC Woman Burned to Death Owed Suspect $2,000

    Published December 19, 2011
    | FoxNews.com
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    A New York City man was arrested and charged with murder after allegedly burning an elderly woman to death inside her apartment building elevator over $2,000 he claims she owed him.
    Authorities said that when 73-year-old Deloris Gillespie went up the elevator to her fifth-floor Brooklyn apartment on Saturday, carrying groceries, suspect Jerome Isaac was waiting.
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    Surveillance video from inside the small elevator shows 47-year-old Isaac looked something like an exterminator, with a canister sprayer, white gloves and a dust mask, which was perched atop his head like a pair of sunglasses. The sprayer was full of flammable liquid.
    When the elevator opened Saturday afternoon, the suspect sprayed the woman, who turned around and crouched down to try to protect herself, New York Police Department spokesman Paul Browne said. The attacker sprayed Gillespie in the face and continued to spray her "sort of methodically" over her head and parts of her body as her bags of groceries draped off her arms, Browne said.
    Then, Browne said, the attacker pulled out a barbecue-style lighter and used it to ignite a rag in a bottle. He waited a few seconds as Gillespie huddled on the floor. Then he backed out of the elevator and tossed the flaming bottle in.
    Neighbors in the Prospect Heights building quickly reported a fire, but had no idea that a woman was being burned alive.
    Isaac, reeking of gasoline, went into a police station overnight and implicated himself in Gillespie's death, Browne said. The suspect told police he set her on fire because she owed him $2,000 for some work he had done for her, Browne said.
    Isaac appeared in court Monday with visible burns on his face and said nothing. He was held without bail. His lawyer requested solitary confinement and medical attention and did not speak outside court.
    Jaime Holguin, who lives on the same floor as Gillespie, saw surveillance pictures of the attacker and said, "Oh, my God!"
    Holguin, the manager of news development for The Associated Press, said the attacker looked like a man who lived with Gillespie for about six months last year and appeared to have been helping her out.
    That arrangement apparently ended by early 2011, but months later Holguin started seeing the man nearby on the street, looking "a lot more disheveled."
    Gillespie's nephew, Rickey Causey, told Fox affiliate WNYW-TV that his aunt had hired Isaac to do odd jobs around her apartment but fired him after she caught him stealing.
    "He was doing more stealing than cleaning," Causey told the station.
    Causey said the suspect had left a note on Gillespie's door with a list of chores for which he was demanding payment, according to the station.
    Browne said that after setting Gillespie ablaze, Isaac set another fire at his own apartment building nearby, then hid on a roof before turning himself in to police.
    Isaac was arrested Sunday on first-degree murder and arson charges.
    Residents were evacuated and kept away from the six-story building for hours Saturday night as police investigated. On Sunday, Holguin said, the fifth floor was a mess, with a melted elevator door and a layer of water on the floor.
    Holguin said he and his girlfriend had taken the elevator on their way out of the building shortly before the attack. They didn't see anyone on the floor with them but did notice an odd smell, as if someone was painting, he said.
    Holguin said police told them later that the assailant was already in the building and perhaps had hidden on another floor when they left their apartment.
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    They got him, arraigned today. Burnt his own face rather badly. Moron.
  3. tacmotusn

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    I hope he enjoys hell. I have no doubts he will end up there. It couldn't happen to a more deserving subhuman.
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  4. Alpha Dog

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    Its getting to the point no one is safe from the POS and I bet it will come down to this lady had been paying a protection fee to this man and stopped paying it or something like that. Now these are the citizens I feel that torture is okay to use on. This bastard should be tortured to death with medics on standby save him and do it over and over until he just can't be brought back. Air it on TV and send a message that we are tired and the productives citizens will not take it any more and will not live in fear. When the tree hugging hippies come and say he needs help not punished or this is against his human rights and cruel put them in a house with several of these people for a month and if he or she comes out with the same opinon that it is still wrong exicute them tot. It is people like this that don't believe in the death penalty cause victims and cause these types of crimes.
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  5. oth47

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    A tall tree and short rope would cure this s.o.b of what ails him.
  6. Redneck Rebel

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    Too quick...


    I advise against doing a google image or video search, trust me it's one messed up way to die.
  7. Cephus

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    He isn't a human being all he is ,is some animal that learned to speak and wear cloths . If you have a mad dog you don't pet it .
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    Jasper Tx. Truck ride...Fitting for this POS...
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    I been thinking lately that it's kinda funny(in a sad way) that in the Old West days, it's portrayed as the 'wild' west and acting like everyone was trigger-happy and uncivilized. It seems to me that if you're surrounded by people who won't hesitate to cap your sorry turdbutt if you step out of line, you're not really likely to, and if you're that stupid, well you just got the Darwin Award, which will be your tombstone. Coddling 'miscreants' only encourages repetitions of bad behavior.
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