What's up with Troy Mfg?

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by gunbunny, Sep 4, 2013.

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    Why do they keep making idiotic decisions?

    I like their equipment, and have a few handguards (one of the few railed handguards I actually like, and you don't feel like you're holding a beer keg like ALL other rails) on some of my AR's. I guess it doesn't matter anymore, because they changed the barrel nut design, and all my former Troy rails aren't compatable with the new ones anyway.

    ANYWAY, back to the problem at hand: Announcement Regarding Troy Industries | Hammerhead Armament Blog

    What the heck happened to the sanity of this company's owner? I'm starting to wonder if he HAD any to start with. Maybe he'll hire Eric Holder when he leaves the DOJ, next?
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    There is quite a bit of "dust" being stirred over his choices of employees. Lots have called for a ban on buying anything from them. IMO, not a bad step. Horouchi pulled the trigger at Ruby Ridge but he was his spotter and just as guilty in some peoples eyes. Yep, a boycott might not be a bad idea--will show them what some think of gub murderers.
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    Interesting articles and the comments bring up good points. I know that the Weaver daughter has stated that she has forgiven the murderers but it is interesting that after all this time Mr Monroe just keeps going. Maybe he has had a change of heart that his statements and thoughts in Ruby Ridge were wrong but I don't think so. I personally wouldn't want Mr Monroe on my staff, he seems to lack judgement, sense or right & wrong etc...
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