What's ( who's) behind the NAU

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    Here's a pretty good break down on the hows and why' of the s North American Union (NAU) and how the CFR manipulated our system to implement their plan starting in 1973. Gotta be a treason charge here somewhere...The beneficiaries are the corporations or at least the people at the top of them. My spouse is convinced this will be a good thing...I'm ready to hang the cfr members for making an end run around the peoples representatives in congress.


    Even hypotheticaly lets say "trickledown economics" would work for all of us here, and happy rich folks would make the rest of us happy. There will be alot of less enlightened people who won't understad any benefits , then what happens? When joe lunch box who wakes up to find out hes been swindled out of his job by an end around. in motion for 43 years..(lied to by the last 4 presidents)?

    cfr page on the nau: http://www.cfr.org/search.html?q=no...ystylesheet=cfr&oe=&getfields=authors.pubtype
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