When a BoB might be a Bug out Burro!

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    Although pack animals may not be everyone's first thought as a means of transportation when getting out of dodge...they are well worth considering for those who have the resources and patience for owning and training them. They can go many places that trail bikes and all terrain vehicles cannot go and don't require gasolene or diesel fuel to keep them running.

    The appended link is to the usage of pack mules for the logistic support of foot operations in Afghanistan. It makes for interesting reading and it offers some interesting ideas for supporting post peak oil cross country logistical transportation.


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    How about a horse that can pull a cart? DSCN2501.JPG
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    horse drawn carts are a viable option when refined petroleum is no longer available and the load that can be transported would be greater than pack animals could carry, but although cross country capabilities would be better than may RVs....cross country capabilities would probably not be as good as for pack animals.

    Russians and Germans both found horse drawn waggons useful on the Eastern Front...and the horses very palatable at times too! ;)

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    I wonder how many pounds @Mortimer Adler Moose could carry? (hides tranquilizer gun) here moosey moosey
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    More important would he be more tasty than a burro ?Just kidding Mort. Come on by for a......uh........visit......yeah that's it, a visit.
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    All one needs to know about military pack animals is they are people.. ;)

    It doesn't matter how many sky dives you've got, until you've stepped out the door of an airplane in total darkness at twelve hundred and fifty feet wearing ninety-five pounds of equipment and forty-two pounds of parachute, you are still a leg...
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    ...and warmer too..(just kidding..I think).[axe]
  9. I have tried to utilize pack animals on occasion Camel moose. moose25.JPG moose42.JPG moose47.JPG , some with better results than others.
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  10. And from my familly album: moose_in_harness_sm. moose in harness 3.
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    Only if Mort were mortuus and braised in a nice merlot.

    WWII Italian soldiers used to call their iron rations
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    Pack goats! How does moose cheese taste? moose milk? Gee I guess a female moose would be better than a bull,,,,uh,,,,,forget the bad jokes on that one.
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    There is a SM thread on pack goats at All terrain BOV started by our very own Ozarkgoatman. As I understand it, wethers (neutred billys) seem to work best (temperament wise and they don't have udders that may get damaged trekking through rough country), so no cheese from them, but an additional female goat in the team might fill the bill as it were.

    NAPgA - General Information=

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