When Background Checks Fail

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    This convicted felon, with a long rap sheet and history of mental problems, somehow passed a federal FBI background check at a gun shop.

    Even though his extensive criminal records were in the system, officials say, Kenan Abraman was able to pass an FBI background check at a gun shop in Indiana.

    photo from guns.com

    This story out of Indiana highlights a huge problem with the state of gun control legislation in this country.

    Perhaps every anti-gunner who shouts for “more background checks” should start complaining about the current required federal background checks and how they’re performed.

    A convicted felon, who was found “not guilty by reason of insanity” when he stabbed his sister in 2009 and then a manager at a Walmart in 2014, filled out a Form 4473 at a gun shop, lying multiple times while doing so.

    Then, somehow, his background check was approved by the FBI in mere minutes, and he purchased two brand new handguns.

    The convicted felon with mental problems then used one of those guns to shoot his landlord when he came calling for the rent money about six hours later.

    This story from fox43.com says Kenan Abraman, aka Rodney Patterson, then barricaded himself in his apartment.

    “We found him behind the door. He was wearing a helmet, a motorcycle type helmet, a lot of thick clothing along with two firearms and some knives,” Muncie Police Detective Nathan Sloan said in the story.

    Abraman’s rap sheet also included charges of theft, robbery, and criminal recklessness. How he passed the background check is a mystery. State police have laid the blame squarely at the foot of the FBI, which is responsible for conducting background checks for gun purchases.

    “They operate off the information that’s provided to them and apparently this time, it slipped through the cracks,” Sloan said in the story. “Given his past and what we knew about him, he shouldn’t have been able to obtain these guns.”

    From this story on guns.com:

    “Indiana State Police Capt. Dave Bursten told local media Abraman’s record appears in the system — under both of his assumed names. He said its the FBI’s job to figure out why the background check still cleared.”

    The story says, in April, a Delaware County judge sentenced Abraman to 20 years in prison for the attempted murder of his landlord.

    He is currently receiving treatment at the Indiana County Department of Corrections’ psychiatric wing, according to multiple reports.

    When Background Checks Fail
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    Hey, mentally ill people have rights and this shows he might be crazy but not stupid he bought 2 firearms one for each pocket so he would not be unbalanced so maybe he's not unbalanced now. I am more worried about who they give badges to some of those people need a keeper well that didn't help Rodney King and I thought officers had to pass a check test and that's not working either----
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    Seems a lot of slipping through the cracks going on.
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    Major failure!
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    Hell, in general, we don't even background check who we are voting for.
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    Let's enforce the law as we already have on the books and stop tossing new laws about for feelgoods! This is what we need, and to start calling out the flaws and faults of these failures as they are!
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    Who's system? Did Davie confirm the records were transmitted and that the fibbies had access? Yep, fibbies have a record of not so good performance, but methinks Davie doth dodge the issue.
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    synopsis of tyranny:
    "Something terrible just happened. Let's find out why."
    "The system is broken."
    "We need to fix it."
    "We need more government."
    "New, better Government. This one is ineffective."
    "More laws."
    "New, better laws. These current ones are ineffective."
    "Unfortunately, laws do not keep guns out of the hands of bad people because good people still have guns."
    "Good people still own guns. Bad people get guns from good people. Bad people and good people are equal."
    "We must ban all guns because laws are ineffective, government doesn't work, and we cannot distinguish between good and bad people."
    "Who cares if all the guns are gone?"
    "More government is the solution. More control, more power in the hands of government."
    "Government would never give guns to bad people. We trust government."

    So much "stupid", it hurts.
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    Agree with you ghrit.

    However, taken in context with the recent foobar's from the agency responsible for following up, well, doubt has been created..
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    And, Trump colluded with Russia, Killory didn' sell uranium or keep unsecured servers, and lost the elections fair and square, all despite the best efforts of the FBI to stop or obstruct justice, is it any suprise yet another Gov agency is incompetent, and completey unable to do it' job and still gets it's operating budget with out question or justification! Hum, any one smell that?
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    I have but one word to say about my faith in the FBI, Cointelpro. That moved them right into the file with Snopes, the CIA, and we're the government, we're here to help.
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    On a $100 bet with a liberal a few years back..... I was able to buy a totally illegal and stolen 1911 in less than 30 minutes for $50 10 blocks from the Libs house. (Turned the 1911 over to our Sheriff who later later told me it was stolen down in TN). Anyway point is back ground checks only go so far and in and of themselves will never have 100% success rate, even if they did.......... Anyone can head into the hood and spend 30 min to a hour before they find someone that will sell them a hot piece.

    But that would be a lot of stolen guns....... there just are not that many being stolen! Shortly after that this news story came out Police: Gang members behind theft of guns from Springfield dealer and nationwide a average of 4700 guns are stolen each year. A year later this story ran Killing fields and they found some of the stolen guns.

    Very simply gun laws and background checks are NOT going to keep guns out of the criminals hands. Neither would gun bans.
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    Yes it was. I am Tony Ong. I was the one that Rodney tried to kill
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    Tell us about it
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