When Black Guns were Gray, More on the Gene Stoner AR15

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    When Black Guns were Gray

    A bit of information on what an AR 15 is and what it is not.

    The AR 15 was designed as a secondary cartridge battle rifle by Eugene Stoner. The AR is a designator of the original manufacture, that being ArmaLite. The AR15 was not designed as an assault rifle but was meant to replace the M1 Carbine and to complement the 45ACP Colt pistols carried by Air Force base security troops. In 1962 a contract was signed by Colt, who held the patent rights purchased from ArmaLite, the US Air Force procured the rifles for the base security and listed them as model GAU-5/A. In the same time line the Army Special Forces were issued the XM177 also known as the CAR 15 for use in Vietnam. In 1964 the US Army designated the AR15 as the M16 and it became the US Army Main Battle Rifle.

    The as issued Armalite AR15s were anodized in a gray tone that was the color of the type of anodizing required by the contract issued by the US Military. You may find both Colt Patent Firearms and ArmaLIte stamped on the receiver of these guns. If so consider yourself lucky.

    1. The first ARs were not BLACK GUNS, they were not Assault Rifles.

    2. The early 20 round magazines produced by Colt worked well, until the bottoms fell out.
    This design was changed and a different locating tab system was used. Due to this first failure you may find some Colt 20 round magazines with epoxy placed at the magazine tabs and the base plate.

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