When corporation rule the world....

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    What's the WTO all about?
    WTO:101 31minute video:
    Seems the WTO is all about building an enforcement structure with alot of tangled laws putting profit over basic human needs and rightsand citizen control.

    "Profit uber alles", they are all about "commodifacation","privatisation",and "property rights. Ownership of goods and services. I.E. a corp' could roll in and buy up all the rights to drinking water in an area bottle it and selll it back to the populace, they could buy some seed from a crop, recieve a "patent " on that crop genus and require local farms to purchase the next years seed from them...instead of farmers saving and trading seed among themselves ( illegal because some corp would "own" it ) .countries could not enact Environmental or labor laws that" infringe upon a corporations profits,( these laws could be taken to the wto for redress)... add this to the cashless economy and you simply must work for some company somewhere to meet your basic needs like water ( bottled fresh air soon?).Sounds like imposed slavery and ultimate control Somebody get alex jones on the phone...

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    You should check out Netflix or BBuster Online for a copy of a dvd called "The Corporation". Absolutely made my blood boil.
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    Yeah buddy that'd have me filling glass bottles with gasoline and wrapping rags around the neck...in short order, have to find that one.

    I'm pretty much anti-corp...even though they've put bread on my table more than once....( that's how I got this` way dealing with these self- important yahoos! different plants , same people...). Whoever edited this: Thanks, don't remember typing "yahoos" but thanks.just the same..)
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    Yes, that whole WTO demonstration was covered by Alex Jones some time ago. It turned out that the city was housing a wild group of anarchists for free, and using them to disrupt peaceful demonstrations, thus granting the authorities the "right" to assault, detain, and interrogate the protesters in the Pier 57 concentration camp. Quite disturbing, really. Especially when you realize that it's the very same group of anarchists who show up all over the country, putting an end to peaceful demonstrations everywhere. Kinda makes ya wonder where the funding to organize all of this comes from. Additionally, you might want to check in to how all of this began. Back in 1933, we had a man as President known as FDR, who 'oh-so-graciously' made the farmers go into debt, and then through gov. subsidizing and loans, and other tricky lawmaking -made the current agricultural industry a part of his manifesto of destiny. And by the way, the seeds...they are infertile. That means all the plants do not bear more seeds, or if they do, they are unable to grow. The farmers are stuck buying more seeds every season, and what's more is -the American people won't be able to grow food without the arm of the fascist state feeding it. Check out the American Agriculture Movement (AAM) if you want to learn more.
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    Corporations ruling the world....

    I give you Soylent Green.

    Corporations rule the world and feed people to people in a well inventoried, well regimented way. If you aren't of any use, you can either go to one of our suicide booths, I mean, resorts or you can volunteer to be a chit so your friends can eat.

    Nice to think that there will always be a use for us right?
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    Paid anarchy teams are a brilliant,if a somewhat dark idea.Providing a perfect excuse to bust a few heads.Watched one WTO video said they met near Brunswick Georgia after seattle .Signifigance ?

    Brunswick is home to FLETC( federal law enforcement training center)., We( air force osi) had advanced photo courses there Every federal marshall, postal inspector , border patrol agent is trained there. they had a well secured fortress to meet within...
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    I've been acused of not being of any use!![own2]
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    Ah, Soylent Green! Good call Tailor, I almost forgot about that classic.
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    Eat it, you'll like it.

    But..... but.... but, it's made of PEOPLE! [LMAO]
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    I've been wondering about some of that sausage I've been getting lately --
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    'Hey ma, can I have some more of them Soylent biscuits?' [LMAO]

    Hey, look at it this way. Where did mad cow disease come from? I believe it was from feeding bits of cow mixed with their food, back to cows. If a cannibal eats a human brain there is a disease that he could get that drives him insane. This can be construed that one day there will be a mad human disease.

    'To save money of feeding millions of people we will begin a recycling process. Now you will be able to have Billy cakes. Don't worry, little Billy wanted to help others. He was an organ donor after all.'
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