When did you pull the trigger.

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    Very typical Black Bear behavior... The bear had no idea that the guy was there, as they have notoriously BAD eyesight. He was following his nose, which is way more sensitive, and since the fellow was very quiet, there was no sound to give him away, until he spoke. Once he spoke, it only took the bear, about 5 seconds to figure out, what he was, and where. Then he backed down quick, in "Flight Mode" and beat feet away. You can see that the Bears Comfort Zone is about 30 ft, because he stopped and looked back to see if he was being followed, and then decided he was still to close, and then moved off, at a more than leisurely pace. Very typical behavior... Just do not try that with a Brownie.... He will eat you for lunch... after he knocks the tree over to get you... ...... YMMV.....
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    No reason to "pull the trigger". The bear showed absolutely no aggression.

    Which I suspect is why the hunter reacted as he did. Good hunter ! (y)
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    Ive been around this sort of thing before.
    He has a bait station under the logs out in the distance.
    As you bait bears they are conditioned to your smell in the area means fresh bait has been dropped off its TIME TO EAT!!!!!
    Watch the bear smell every step and twig and ladder rung. he thought he was going to find a new bait bucket.
    The other times bears will climb a stand is if a female hunter is there wearing perfume etc.
    I shot a bear one time with my 22 mag black hawk pistol 12" from the end of the barrel behind a bears ear when he was messing around my stand back when we could bait here and run hounds.
    he made it less than 50yds before bleeding out.
    I would have shot him at the base of the tree.
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    I have to agree, I would not have taken the shot if the bear was not of the size I was looking for. I would have however been ready with the old '06 if same bear would have kept coming up.

    It was pretty funny....
    Hunter.."Hey what are you doing?"

    Bear..."Nuthin dude...just leaving!":D
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    I think I would have said somethin' to mister bear before it got to the bottom of my stand and started climbing up.

    Probably something like 'Sorry buddy, this tree is occupied. Now move along'

    Probably when it got near my tree and started looking up at me.
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    yeah, theres no reason to invite trouble
    give teddy a warning instead of a close proximity surprise
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    Would have had a large pistol in the opposite hand of the camera and said something before the bear started climbing up. Like BT said, try out for the Darwin awards and try this with a big one!
  9. If in bear woods, or when deer are in rut and such, have to be careful about taking a woman to the woods if it's the wrong time of the month.

    I have had deer follow girls footsteps right up the same path we just walked almost like they were tracking a doe in heat.
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    Hm. Interesting way to bait deer --.
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    Try this one out.
    Taking The Wife Hunting.
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