When do you lose respect for the Badge?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by tacmotusn, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. tacmotusn

    tacmotusn RIP 1/13/21

    When do you lose respect for the Badge and the person behind it?
    The Vast Majority of Law Enforcement Officers commit no major crimes ever! Some, very rare few do.
    I have stated before that I respect the Badge, but expect to be treated with respect as well. There are individuals who blindly respect the badge and seem to believe that a Leo can do no wrong. I am not nearly so naive or blind to what happens around me. I am a news junkie. I get my news from many sources. Online, radio, TV, newspapers, magazines, and word of mouth. I seldom believe everything I read or hear. You have to sift through all the crap to get to the heart of the matter in most cases.
    I have no grudge against police officers. I have spent no time in jail or the prison system other than 3 overnight stays in jail for 3 separate alcohol and driving related incidents during a dark period of about 18 months following a nasty messy divorce about 40 years ago. I didn't resist or get mistreated as far as I know. I was drunker than a skunk at the time. No one was injured in any of these incidents (writer kneels and genuflects).
    My pet peeve, is those people who blindly speak up for the Leo, without having any facts on a particular incident what so ever. Who seem to believe the Leo is never wrong and can do no wrong. It is these people who have prompted me to start this thread, and I will add to it occasionally as things come to my attention. Keep in mind that most of this will be raw data prior to any conviction, and of course everyone is considered innocent until proven guilty.
    That said, here we go.
    Incident #1: Local Fox TV News, Channel 35, Orlando, Florida. Two males, pictured as African-American, Arrested this morning in Polk County Florida in connection with an underage prostitution ring. The Underage Prostitution Ring allegedly was run by a School Bus Driver. The girls he was pimping were as young as 14. To threaten and keep his young prostitutes in line he enlisted the assistance of his friend, a Haines City, Florida Police Officer. The Police officer is being charged with forcing one of the underage girls to have sex with him. News item ran on 5 pm news 7/14/2011
    Obviously, as it now stands and as it was reported, both of these males are on my list of undeserving to suck air. ..... should they happen to be convicted, I hope they are treated as they deserve in prison.[beat]
    Feel free to comment pro or con to this thread, or to add additional incidents that come to your attention.
  2. beast

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    ex gangbangers maybe
    used to pimpin lil girls they forced into it
    it happens in a lot of major cities here in the us
  3. Hispeedal2

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    Well lets see, are you creating a class out of LEOs? And, based upon that class you've established, are you saying they are all trouble because one in FL was doing a terrible thing?

    I agree, this guy should fry, but that is just one guy, not all LEOs. I have no idea if this factoid is true:
    How many police officers are employed in Florida
    If it is, then does 1/35,000 make that whole class a bunch of "boot stomping, out of control, freedom hating thugs." I don't think so. JMHO.

    If we use similar logic to class gun owners, how would that go down? If one legal gun owner murders, does that make all gun owners murderers that are death hungry and need a gun for self fulfillment? Some idiots would claim so.

    I think the situation is inflamed by the fact that it gets more coverage when an LEO is involved. How many spouses killed their wives in 2007? I have no idea how many across the nation, but there were 137 intimate partners killed in NY alone. Of course, the only one we will recall that made National Headlines that year was one- Drew Petersen. A cop is big news.

    Justice against an LEO is sweet. That is because of the unique and trusted position that they hold. That is the way it should be. This scum that thinks it ok to pimp little girls will get what's coming to him. I wouldn't lose respect for the badge over it. I lose respect for the individual.
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    Tac...I was an LEO for 7 and one half years and was medically retired due to a duty related injury...A thug tried to use me and my vehicle as a speed bump at approximately 95 miles per hour...I have always and will always respect our LEO's as long as they continue to respect our Constitution and the Citizens they serve...When they fail to do either, they lose the right to enforce laws or receive any respect...their authority would become a moot point...[gasmask]
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  5. tacmotusn

    tacmotusn RIP 1/13/21

    I am reasonably certain there are laws in the State of Florida that require background checks on people who work around children on a regular basis nore often than not, Thus the Bus Driver maybe should have been found out if he had a shady past and elliminated as a qualified applicant. Polk County Florida is not a major population center, it has less than 500,000 population total. Largest City is Lakeland with less than 100,000 population. Haines City, 3rd largest in county, where the Police Officer was employed has less than 20,000 population

  6. Witch Doctor 01

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    I'm thinking your title should be when do you loose respect for a man... I don't think that you would respect him if he wasn't a LEO and did the same thing... True LEO have committed many crimes no doubt about it... and they where dealt with appropiately and sent to stay with those that they placed in jail... not pretty picture.... but most LEO's that i know and have known do not fall in this category... the press will highlight and run ad nasuem reports and Nancy grace will run off her mouth for 6 months on any idiot who wears a badge and does something stupid but won't break a sweat to highlight good things that are being done by other leo's...

    Those wearing the Blue who disrespect the badge and their oath are diserving of your disrespect, not those who are true to their word, but are tarred with a broad brush by liberal press clowns...
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  7. Hispeedal2

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    I see your point and share your concern. Some LEOs may think like that. Most I know have no sympathy for the kind of act in the link. I think what you are getting at is more in the generalized LEO abuse-type stuff. That gets a little "iffy". Some think LEOs should have nerf guns and stern words. Of course, the same people want National Open Carry ;). I don't think LEOs should be restricted to that point. Having been in my fair share of situations where the good and bad guys aren't always clear at first, everyone gets treated as a bad guy until its sorted out. Its survival. If you want to go home at night, you live on amber-red. Afterwards, I will apologize for any wrongs in the situation. Some LEOs won't. That's just disrespectful IMHO. For some sheep dogs, that goes right to their head and treating people like that is a perk of the job. I really don't know how you can test for that. Psych tests are already standard as a part of the hiring process. The background checks are tough. They can vary from location to location, but they aren't lacking in *most.

    Part of the problem is cops need to get out of the car. Just like a counterinsurgency, you need to engage the population. Build that relationship with the citizens. That's what is missing. It becomes an us v. them mentality. Police need to know the people they are protecting.

    Yes the law is still in effect. In some cases, waivers can be granted, but not in all situations/departments. Waivers are generally more available for soldiers than for cops. A lot of local departments have "no waiver" policies, meaning that even if you can POST certify with a waiver, they will not hire you with a misdemeanor domestic violence *arrest* or conviction. Notice I said *arrest*. Guilty until proven innocent in the case of domestic violence. The same holds true for buying firearms too.

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  8. E.L.

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    There is good and bad in every occupation. I have seen way too many LEO-bashing threads on the monkey. Probably just about all of us here have a close friend or relative that wears a badge. The fraction of those who disprespect it usually get their ass handed to them sooner or later. This issue has been hashed here more times than I care to consider. I find these threads pointless and annoying and will refrain from further comment on the matter.
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  9. Tikka

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    I respect the "badge;" my respect for each individual wearing the badge can vary based on their deeds or my experience with them.
    A SHP officer gave me a ticket for speeding and left a better impression than another officer who stopped for an accident that I avoided.

    IMO, this categorizing all police or all firearms owners or all preppers is wrong. Respect is something applied selectively as one earns it or loses it.
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  10. Huntinbull

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    I would like to propose that no one is always a criminal. Some times the first offense is a doozie. There is a probability that some other illegal activity took place in this busdriver's past, but no guarantee. I try to give respect to others until they show me they do not deserve it, badge or not.

    I also feel that once a law enforcement officer has deserted the code of ethics necessary for the job, he gets no more of my respect. Generally less than a non LEO who would commit the same crime. I feel the same way about religious authorities that abuse their position to molest individuals. They get more scorn than the average scumbag.
  11. Illini Warrior

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    Used to have a whole lot of respect for law enforcement ...... I still keep company with a select few ......

    But ......

    The Chicagoland area and my area in particular, has had toooooooo many "incidents" involving LEOs and out and out murders that were not prosecuted or even adequately investigated .......

    Most people across the country are familiar with the Peterson case ....... he's going on trial for his wive's murders ....... he was only investigated for his first murder after his second wife disappeared .......

    Thats only one LEO out of at least a dozen murders committed by law enforcement ...... not even talking about questionable shooting on the job ........ these are off duty stuff involving their private lives and dealings .......
  12. Alpha Dog

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    I have been a police officer over 17 years Ive worked with some of the finest men and wemon to ever wear a badge. Ive been beaten by gang banger, spit on by drunks, shot at on and off duty. You cant judge all men and wemon in blue by what a few do. while the world sleeps at night we patrol the streets to keep our citizens safe. I have burried my friends who gave all to protect the citizens and left a crying wife with three small kids and an old grey haired mother and father in teas, without a husband, father and son. sure there are ones that tarnish the badge and should pay dear for it. when a citizen commits a crime everyone talks about what a bad person HE is but when an officer crosses that line everyone wants to put all officers in that group as dirty cops. Just think everyone has a crackhead living around the neighborhood or knows some good hardworking people who are living in the drug infested projects working and saving to get out. What if L.E.O. got a 911 call of some one entering a house, and the dispatcher tells that officer. The caller is a female with 2 small children and her husband went to check a noise and she herd a gun shot. She is screaming and crying he didn't come back and there is a man at the bed room door with a gun. Should that officer assume that because it is project housing over run with drug dealers and crackheads. That oh it's just another drug deal gone bad Ill get to it when I can. You can not judge one man by the actions of another nor can you judge all Law Enforcement by the actions of one P.O.S
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  13. tacmotusn

    tacmotusn RIP 1/13/21

    my bad ....

    It has come to my attention that this thread was misunderstood from the very beginning and only went down hill from there. It is rather obvious that most folks might not read the entire thread, but only the last few posts.
    As the one who started this thread, I want to apologize to all honorable LEO's out there. Those minute dishonorable few who disgrace the rest imho do not deserve to suck air.
    This thread probably should be locked. It serves no usefull service here.[beat]
  14. hank2222

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    As he has bought up the action's of one will allways stain the whole group no matter what that group line of work is ..
  15. Huntinbull

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    Generalizing is generally bad. There are sheep, wolves and watchdogs. when a wolf kills a sheep you kill the wolf. When a sheep goes berserk and kills another sheep or attacks the watchdogs, you kill the particular sheep. Why is it when a watchdog goes bad and kills a sheep or kills a wolf unnecessarily, some people think ALL watchdogs are bad?

    I think that a LEO that refuses to do his job with honor and takes advantage of the people he is supposed to protect, should be punished to the full extent of the law. He or she has abused a trust and should never be put in that position of trust again.
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