when does tyranny become treason?

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    from rense.com regarding the u.n agenda being shoved through copenhagen, global enforcement of taxes and penalties...and an end run around the constitution.[shtf][shtf][peep]

    <dl><dt>[SIZE=+1]The short answer is that Tyranny becomes Treason whenever the actions taken, will irreversibly lead to the destruction of the nation.[/SIZE] </dt><dt> </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]The illustration depicts what has happened to the Great Seal of the United States; namely that we no longer recognize the olive branch and our operating FORCES in the field around the world, consist only of naked force. The background for this eagle has been darkened and the highest point above the eagle's head has been emphasized in the Zionist's Star of David that has been there since this "seal" was created after we lost the right to print our own money to the Federal Reserve, on December 23, 1913.[/SIZE] </dt><dt> </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]Outright slavery might seem a long way off to most people, but it is really very close to becoming the single standard among the working people that will increase accordingly, as the evils of Tyranny continue to expand.[/SIZE] </dt><dt> </dt><dt>[SIZE=+1]The actions recently taken by Obama in conjunction with the UN, as described below, will-If they are not stopped-strip the constitutional right of the people of the United States to be represented in a new and so far secret-political framework; in which US citizens will have no voice. This means that the independent nation we once had is no more! Under the new terms of this unofficial coup we shall be obligated to pay taxes and tribute to the UN under penalty of The New World Order Police that will answer only to the United Nations and to its 700 new official agencies that will be immune to complaints from any US citizens. This qualifies as TREASON and in light of the secretive nature of this end-run around the Constitution without a vote from the US Congress: How can this not be a political Coup? This act will end any representative form of government in the United States, but it should also reignite that battle-cry from the Boston Tea Party:[freedom][/SIZE] </dt></dl>
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  2. dragonfly

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    Hear Hear!
    It is what I fear most is coming.....a dark storm.
  3. Brokor

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    Either you are with them or...

    with the mud-hutters.

    Sad indeed.
  4. dragonfly

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    Hello "Mudder".....Hello "Fadder"........
    Mud packs for everyone!
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    High Treason occured when the entire Democratic Party was complicit in the elevation of an Illegal Alien to the Office of POTUS........ :rolleyes:
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    Good read Tango 3, Steve Quayle's Website is also posting that the military may do some 'farming' here in America, that's why they GPS your location in the census. I will not comply with this evil system. I'm an old man, and will make a stand to help save future generations. Vote from the roof.
    Fit me for a box evil doers, not a chain.
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    Treason is when the US Constitution is placed where the toilet paper is supose to be in the White House .
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