When Frosty Stays Frosty

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    :ROFLMAO:,,,I'll bet that messed up his day . Back in the 70s , a bunch of kids built a snow fort wall across a neighborhood street . Well , not wanting to go way out of my way to backtrack , I gave it a little gas and went thru that wall . I was surprised at how hard that wall actually was , it sounded like I went thru a brick wall .
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    I remember snow banks that were almost all ice and getting out meant using a chain saw.
    No one I know was foolish enough to think their car could stand up to ramming through ice and snow banks ,especially if you did not know the terrain .
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    Back in my Younger days ( Ok, Last year) I got my then new to me Cummins 4x4 stuck between snow drifts, the winds had blown the drifts up behind and in front and got about a foot under the whole truck! I though I could simply power through, NOT! Even with chains, I had to shovel it out! Once it starts to get packed and a little ice, fuggeddaboutit!
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    time for the Winch around the nearest Telephone Pole, or BIG Tree, and winch carefully...
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    Normally, That woulda done it, but the nearest trees were 100 yards away! :(
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    Ok thats just funny as hell......
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    I don't think he hit it very hard. Doesn't look like a bent bumper imprint. All the same it is effing funny.
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