When marriage ain't marriage...and divorce ain't divorce...oy vey meshugenah marriage

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    B@stardry and bigamy...the dilemmas that are created when space age technology meets bronze age theology and thinking.

    The Jewish Press » » Who Misled Rav Chaim Kanievsky?
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    Good thing I am NOT Orthodox Jewish.....
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    Being an atheist goy, married to my eventually to be divorced secular Jewish wife in a civil marriage ceremony, I think that the marriage celebrant's ownership of an I-phone would be the least of a rabbi's concerns. My eventually to be divorced wife and I,(we have been separated for 15 years) together with our three sons and two grandchildren will be joyously celebrating my mother in law's 99th birthday in five days time. My mother in law still thinks that my eventually to be divorced wife should marry a good Jewish doctor.:D
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    Your lack of commitment to the completion of the divorce perplexes me..... I have to ask why it has drag on so long. That just leaves one to be beat with a stick forever, essentially.... run. [gone]
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    Chell likes[deadhorse]:sick:
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    Put that question in context with the pictures he typically posts in the Girls with Guns thread and the answer might be self evident.
    Like the rest of us, he is afraid of what he finds attractive. Being married gives him a reason to refrain from pursuing.

    Or maybe not. :)
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    I'm just a very tolerant and self sacrificing kind of guy....I'm probably saving some good Jewish doctor the experience of a catastrophic marriage. ;) My eventually to be divorced wife and I actually get along quite well together...we just can't stand living with each other. The fundamental incompatibility is Scrabble. She can't bear to lose a game, but she can't bear to win too easily. The difference between the two is so infinitesimal, that the suggestion to "play a game of Scrabble" invokes panic attacks on my part. :eek:
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    Why do I think "play a game of scrabble" means Have Sex & Chelle is saying thought of it with his wife causes him panic attacks? o_O
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    Ovey, glad that the disciples decided that Gentiles did not have to convert to Judaism.
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