when only the govt. is hiring

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    If private companies continue to die and the govt. keeps on growing larger....does that mean, by definition, we have become socialists?

    Morning Bell: The Private Sector is Not “Doing Fine”

    Are we going to get to a point where we are paid electronic wages and pay for goods/services electronically? At this point, if prices are set by the govt., this will be a complete internal system like the old coal companies used to use. They paid their workers in "scrip" that was only accepted at the company store. The coal company didn't really have any payroll to take away from their net because the currency was completely fictitious and created by the coal company. Brilliant.........and is exactly like quantitative easing, except that FRNs have value in the outside world. When they do away with that, you know you're a slave.

    US Coal Scrip
    Coal Mine Script
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