When people hear "survivalist," this is what they see...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CATO, Jan 2, 2012.

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    Much more PC for them to label him a 'survivalist' since they can't say things like 'mentally unstable war veteran' anymore.
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    Oh yeah, lets all get pie eyed drunk and break out our loaded weapons and talk smack about who is the baddest MoFo at the party. Note, at least 3 possible PTSD individuals required. Age and or War/Police action specifics unimportant. Bigotry, in the terns of race and religion required also. Throw all the above into the pot and watch it boil over.
    PS: being a prepper ain't got a damn thing to do with it! ...[stirpot]
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    You notice how they threw survivalist and assault rifles in . In the next few days they will go search the boy's house and release they found thousands of rounds, two years of food, books on survival,war tactics and they found a map to an underground bunker. Them survivalist and preppers are dangerous domestic terrorist. Thank God Big Brother is passing all these laws and forming new task forces the rid the world of them. Oh and they will find the lost assault rifle plus plans on how to make it auto.
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    But MTv, Rap Music, Beavis & Butthead, Marilyn Manson Big Brother made me do it man, I swear it's Hollywood's FEMA's fault. Those damned ads they've been running caused me to start stockpiling and then OMGz I had a mental breakdown and went batshit crazy
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    Story posted form newspaper nonsensical

    nonsensical - as in - doesn't make sense.

    I read the article 6 times. It jumps around so badly, it was hard to understand.

    Later reports said the 'possible shooter' was dead of natural causes, maybe. The 'person of interest' was found lying in a ditch. NO mention of a weapon.

    The Park Ranger - was one of several LEO type Rangers at the Park. The media has been entirely silent on if the Ranger had fired her weapon. I find in very hard to believe, that if the Ranger had blocked the road with her car, as reported, that she would have just sat inside... more believable was to be outside and behind the vehicle with weapon out. But, that's just me.

    Later reports have posted photos of the accused and now dead, subject holding large 'and clearly assault' weapons. Looked like a 12 Ga Russian semiauto.

    THe PTSD angle was from what a girlfriend (She had his kid, so in reality, his common law wife) put in a court document to try and obtain full time custody. Uaually some history in cases like that. And women have been know to lie about the home situation. Just say'n

    Then the whole assault weapon/assault style weapon. (Rolls eyes)
    An assault weapon is selective fire, FULL or semiauto. Other wide, it is a rifle or shotgun modeled on.... And Iin all my years i the military, never saw or heard of an "Assault shotgun" WTF Mr Reporter?

    The story is disturbing o so many levels
    Implied but not openly said - "Crazy war vet killer shoots his way into a park"

    I'd like to see some fact firsrt.

    Is Benjamin Colton Barnes, in fact, a Vet? Where did he serve and with what unit? A truck driver is a far cry from a 0311/11B door kicker.
    IF he is ex-military, what kind of discharge - and did he really have PTSD? As in diagnosed by a real doctor/medical records etc.

    Was Mr Barnes involved in the prior shooting? (Since there were survivors, that may be the case)

    Did Ranger Anderson fire her weapon? IF so, how many times? THat just has me curious, my sister is a former cop.

    I find it, troubling, that if I chose to drive past a 'tire chain' checkpoint
    that would generate armed pursuit. I mean, really - tire chains? When did no chains become a felony?

    Finally if you check news for this 3 day weekend of New Years, you will find, as did I, literally dozens of reported shooting and multiple deaths - just none quite as sensational as the one in the Park. I didn't bother with the stabbings, drunken brawls etc that are common on a New Years weekend....

    Sad story. Sad that a reporter wants to cast this as a real life Rambo 'vet gone amuck' story. I got so tired of that **** after RVN and now we are starting to see it again.

    I'll keep an eye on this story. It will be interesting to see what is the real-deal final story, since so many - far too many - original stories are rarely even close to accurate....

    I'll post a follow up then.

    DKR out.
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    I hate the fact that the terms"Survivalist",and"Militia"have become demonized,becouse of what a couple of nutjobs have done over the years.
    I refuse to hide what,and who I am.Though I prep,"I AM A SURVIVALIST",and refuse to use some watered down term to describe myself.
    I am also a"MILITIA MEMBER",as is described in the Second Amendment of the"CONSTITUTION".
    To hide who and what you are,only gives others the power to demonize you.It's easy to demonize things that are not common knowledge.
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    You do not defend this. You condemn and shun people like this. Personally, if I saw this go down, I would have shot the idiot on the spot and let the authorities sort it out.

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  9. DKR

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    all that is missing is an advert for Ramabo DVDs.
  10. Alpha Dog

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    The only thing about this whole thing that bothers me if they shot him or they found him dead the bastard deserved to die hands dowm no question. This is what makes us all look like anti-social gun carrying loners that shoot who ever dont agree with us and our ways. Which is not true. The story should read this crazy bastard lost his mind and went on a killing rampage.
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  11. mysterymet

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    Just because someone has been overseas doesn't mean he has ptsd. He could just be a run of the mill anti-social loon.
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    test this post
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    Its most likley some sort of drug deal gone bad.

    Pisses me off every chance the new media gets they protray veterans, gun owners, and now survivalist preppers, and as well as Fathers fighting for their own kids has a bunch of nut cases.

    Then those dumb ass cops held people prisoner overnite in a cabin designed for vewing out doors, I guess they were also high on westcoast greenbud. Those cops couldnt make an afternoon beat in Birmingham.
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    I don't get these jerks at all....Ok, so maybe he's a Vet with a problem....So what? There are thousands of them out there! It seems to me that these perps are either on drugs, ( tongue in cheek) or are unable to control their emotions...? I don't know what the problem is, but it is a problem.
    I too notice that many ( not all) like to have photos of them acting like Rambo.
    It appears to be a "macho" thing...?
    Seriously Now look, I'm an old white guy (60)....I am a "Vietnam Vet". I have been diagnosed with "PTSD". I also have been diagnosed with "bi-polar manic depressive disorder". I have also been diagnosed with sort of "split personality disorder". What do I know? I'm not a psych!
    I do NOT go around shooting, threatening, or attacking anyone. Period.
    I am well armed and I am as safe and sane as can be expected. I have had many tragic things happen to me in my personal life...I don't take it out on anyone for any reason. It's what WE call life. You either play the hand you are dealt or you fold. What I believe WE are seeing today is the result of something,( I can't say what) that is making these people go off, and they have NO conscience at all. They kill their wives ( estranged or not) and entire families...children included. I have been married and divorced 3 times and I am not at all feared by anyone of my children or my X wives.
    I am not a whacko! I don't drink, I don't do drugs, and I have worked in a lot of areas that required me to have very high clearances....Not to mention LEO. My oldest son is a detective now and we talk at least 3-4 times a week....We exchange thoughts and how his work is going. IF at any time HE felt I was a threat to anyone anywhere, I GUARANTEE you, he'd be at my front door! Maybe it's just me...I don't understand how some people can allow themselves to do the types of things we see (according to the MSM) It's beyond me. I used to make jokes about society, and that there must be "something" in the water.....It's NOT funny. It's sad, it's serious, and it's escalating. What does that say about a so-called world that has people killing children, much less their own? It's savage. It's unconscionable and it's got to end. It goes back to the old saying's: Guns don't kill people, people kill people! Like drunk drivers...let's blame the cars!
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    The issue seems to be with the I will post the message I sent to AP, as soon as I figure out why I get an Error Message when trying to post it here.... Standby... for News... Ok here is what I sent to the AP eMail Address....

    The original "Report" filed by the Associated Press, claimed that the "Ranger" was a Forest Service Ranger, and was shot inside the National Park Service Boundaries. I wrote an email to the AP, immediately as listed below.

    Subject: Ranger shot at Mount Rainier Story....
    From: Bruce
    Date: January 1, 2012 12:55:29 PM AKST
    To: AP email address

    Was the reporter who wrote this story an Idiot, or did he/she
    just get this passed their editor, with this totally useless Story?

    Was it a Forest Service Ranger, or a National Park Service Ranger,
    that got shot? Inquiring Minds want to know? If it was a Forest Service
    Ranger, what was he doing in the National Park, where he has No
    authority? If it was a National Park Service Ranger, why did this
    writer not just say so, in the first place? There is a difference between
    the two, and even a middle school kid knows the difference. This is
    YEARS. The writer, and the editor, who allowed such a story to make it
    on the AP Wire, should be FIRED, for incompetence. If you do not do
    so, and do it PUBLICLY, why should ANY of your Readership, believe
    that any other story you publish, is any better at reporting the FACTS?
    Again, Inquiring Minds want to Know.....

    Signed, and Verified, with my Public GPG Key.....

    Never got a response. I really did not expect one, but this is just the kind of BS that satisfies the Talking Head Media these days.
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    We know if we ever here a news flash about an old angry white guy with a gun talking to himself is terrorizing the country it's our friend dragonfly. (lol) If you ever do call me I want to join your gang I think the voices in my head and the ones in yours are saying the same thing.[boozingbuddies] We can swing by and pick up Cephus us three and all the voices we would have our own army.
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    Article written by a sheep for the rest of the sheep...
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