When someone wants what you have

Discussion in 'Technical' started by CATO, Jan 29, 2014.

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    Interesting and informative for this troglodyte computer user!! Thanks..
  3. DarkLight

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    I never had anything go quite this far or wrong but when I had my web hosting business, my domains were constantly under attack like that. GoDaddy absolutely can fix what happened, they just chose not to. The fact that their CSR did SO many things wrong has opened them up to a pretty nasty lawsuit, regardless of what their security policies are and the agreements you've signed. They are in material breach of those contracts!

    In the end, the weak link in that chain was the soft squishy part, not the tech.
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    I am afraid that I probably give up to much information in some of my web dealings, so I for one do appreciate these types of posts..
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    Good story. Have been working on tightening up my security lately. I don't even know most of my passwords anymore and use 2FA everywhere it's offered. Actually thinking of ditching my bank as they have no 2FA for their online banking.
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    I recently joined a vampire site (I write a lot of horror) and immediately a chick cloned my name by adding numbers, sent me dozens of messages on the site, changed the email and started ordering off her paypal. The site people were unsympathetic and of virtually no use.
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    Stalker?? Hmmm...
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    I pick up stalkers all the time. At first it was cute. Then a hacker told me who I was and that my webcam was on. Now I mainly get gay (There's nothing wrong with that) or women out of England or Australia stalking me. I have no idea why. Back when I published I got the real nutbags, which is one reason I stopped. They just got too into the characters. Once in when I was in Santa Fe visiting a goth girl spotted me across the plaza, shrieked my name and came barreling at me lige a runaway train. My gf at the time was not pleased,
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    Ohhh!!! The Hazards of the job..;) In truth, that really is not all that funny..
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    Are you Bragging, or Complaining... Inquiring Minds, want to know.....
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    lol. Complaining, trust me, Stalkers can get scary real quick.

    nope it's not. The Goths get realllllly into vampire characters. When I killed off my original vampyre I got a lot of death threats. But it was the people who were hurt that bothered me the most.
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