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    I just finished reading this book and I highly recommend it. Some people are Civil War buffs, but I prefer the lives of the colonialists. These people were truly amazing and awe inspiring.

    Amazon.com: War on the Run: The Epic Story of Robert Rogers and the Conquest of America's First Frontier (9780553384574): John F. Ross: Books

    This isn't a "survival" book per say, but, a historical narrative of Robert Rogers during colonial America. He is considered the father of special forces and if you have read about or traveled in those circles, you've probably heard of "Rogers' Rules of Ranging." While you won't get survival field manual how-tos, you will get a heavy dose of the situations Roberts dealt with, which highlights the survival skills he honed over a lifetime of kicking @$$.

    A few things I took away from this book:

    When Sherman uttered "War is hell" 100 years after the events in this book, I think a more appropriate description of the French/Indian War would be "War is worse than hell." People have no clue how vicious people were back then. Commie libtards think that all Native Americans were very kind, the first environmentalists, and were forced to war by the silver-tongued whites. This book gives a slightly different perspective on the peaceful Indians.

    Politics today is no different than it was back then: the type of man drawn to political life as a profession will always be self-serving and not have his constituent's best interest at heart.
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    You are aware that scalping was introduced to the native americans by white men, were you not? That would be the French and Indian wars against the English colonists. Also I believe there were 6 tribes that had written language when the first settlers got here. If memory serves me correctly, one of our Presidents had not one year of formal education. That would be Andrew Jackson. There have been savages all through the ages, of every ilk, ethnic group, color, religion, or whatever. Savages are nothing new, they are older than the ages and there are still with us today.
    Some who were on the receiving end might even say, that Yankee Bastard Sherman was a savage!
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    Then that would be your little secret Kemosabe. Perhaps you should read the book.
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    yes a bounty was paid for bringing in indian scalps
    proof that one less was out there to kill the "innocent" whites
    no, the indians werent all peaceful but nor were they all evil savages
    it takes civilization to create monsters and savages
    it happens when one race or group is convinced it knows better than everyone else
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    Reminds me of a quote in my 1990’s vintage Guidebook for Marines. One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. And no! The Native Americans were not the environmentalist they are made out to be (at least not all the tribes). They were nomads for a reason (not just to follow game). They would deplete the resources in an area, move to the next, eliminate the competition and start over. Just like the Celts, African tribes, etc. An argument could be made that resource wars are still happening this very second.
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    Isn't Rogers the founder of Army Rangers and Aaron Bank the father of Special Forces?

    Aaron Bank:
    Colonel Aaron Bank: Founder of US Army Special Forces

    To add some confusion, William Yarborough is considered the father of "modern" Special Forces. :D
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    Or, perhaps you should read what wikipedia has to say about the history of scalping. I have read other books about Roger's rangers, although not in the last 40 plus years. My memory works fine however.

    Scalping - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    I feel I should mention that Wikipedia is not a fact based resource. It is a USER Contribution Resource. Therefore its what People Say is True.
  9. krieger

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    Wikipedia is nothing more than "group think" that is controlled and edited by staff of "ultra liberals". Snopes is just more of the same.
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  10. beast

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    yeah ive made a bunch of corrections to wiki over the years
    trying to put the right info in places that i do know about
    mostly old tools and their uses
  11. tacmotusn

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    Okay, so you don't want to accept wikipedia. Here is the first of many other sources.
    Scalping During the French and Indian War
    and second, well pre american incidents.
    or this
    Actually I would have to say the whole scalping thing has been around for a long time and yes occured both in the North American continent prior to the French and English wars or the 1700's, as well as many places around the world.

    I am nothing if not fair in my research of the matter of scalping.
    an interesting take on the scalping subject.
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    After WND caught Snopes changing 0bama's birth hospital from what 0bama said to what 0bama said next; I lost all faith in Snopes as a resource.
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    snopes and wikipedia had nothing to do with post 11.
    I would hazard to say that from what I have read, that scalping was rather rare on the North American Contintent at the time of the colonization of America and the French and English Wars, with various tribes being used as mercenaries for both sides. IMHO, the Europeans of various ilk encouraged the native americans to take scalps, at prices (by the British) that were to high to ignore. The french by comparison were pikers.
    I am done with the post, You can all believe whatever floats your boat. We might have to agree to disagree. You were not there and neither was I. History is often written by the victors and is patently so much BS.
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    As I answered post #9 that would be obvious.

    Excuse me for interrupting.
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    OK, so I look at the Wiki for scalping and see this:

    So, if this is your gospel truth, how exactly do white men introduce scalping to Native Americans if it was already being practiced? Isn't that like "How does Columbus discover America if people were already living here?"

    In my OP, I never mentioned scalping.... What I did mention references Ross' depiction of the violence of the time between different Native American tribes.

    I thought it was a good book and thought others would like to know about it.

    I would, however, like the list of other books on Rogers' Rangers that you have read. I have only read two books that even mention the name and am always looking for more.
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    Special Forces and other related groups have evolved from many resources. LAARPS, Marine Raiders, Merrills Marauders all contributed to the present job. To be able to operate behind enemy lines, organize resistance, destroy morale, inhibit their free movements, etc. are several of their objectives. The Marine's Force Recon is similiar but with a different goal too. Even the present day SEALS evolved from WWII's UDT(underwater demolition teams). The soldiers that joined the Philipino resistance gained great knowledge in seeing but not being seen, striking and escaping, and relaying invaluable info to our attacking forces.
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    If you backtrace the sites you posted you will find that they do auto copy/paste perl scripts from Wikipedia. Amazing how those sites have certain sentences that are identical to the wiki site. Quote me a 1st hand written diary or journal from someone in that era that proves your premise.
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