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Discussion in 'Survival Medicine' started by runswithdogs, May 29, 2016.

  1. runswithdogs

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    I have noticed that a lot of people stock things like penicillin for SHTF.

    However am wondering if you check that the people that may be used for can actually use it & if not what do you do as an alternative?

    I react VERY badly to penicillin. There's throwing up and headache and fever & basically its 10x worse each time ive taken it (we didn't realize I was reacting to the penicillin the first couple times I was given it as I was already sick and thought the symptoms were part of the issue)
    Based on the escalation of reaction each time.. If I were to take it again for anything It could be very dangerous.
    Turns out quite a few people on my side of the family can't take penicillin or related drugs.

    Since then ive only needed an "antibiotic" once and used Oregano oil & Olive leaf which actually worked Very well & without side effects.

    I also tend to react oddly to a lot of drugs/medications.. often not reacting at all (nothing like having to get 4 extra shots at the dentist & still being able to feel what hes doing, or the hospital having to administer a lot extra of whatever it was to knock me out fer surgery... they get really nervous when you dont go sleepy time when they think you should)

    So given the choice I tend to stick with natural remedy's that my body dosent seem as prone to ignoring or in the case of penicillin & tetanus shot, reacting badly to (Yeah, ive been told to never get another tetanus shot ether due to me reacting to the first one)
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    I guess some of have that DNA. Pain meds or knock-out gas does not work in usual doses for me, and I am allergic to 'cillins as well. Same for smoking pot, tried it a few times and everyone was stoned and I was like "whats the big deal".
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  3. kellory

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    We all react differently. There is no medication on the market that even %70 of the population get the same result. (Not even asprin).
    For me, any medication that says "may cause drowsiness" may put me out.
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  4. Flight-ER-Doc

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    Thanks to three quarters of a century of misuse, penicillin is almost worthless.
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  5. chelloveck

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    As are many other anti-biotics....the lifespan of antibiotics might have been longer had they been reserved for human use on diseases that are treatable by antibiotics. Big Pharma, Big Agriculture and stupid physicians have undermined penicillin's therapeutic effectiveness. Whatever new wonder drug replaces them is likely to suffer the same fate.
  6. UncleMorgan

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    Wise monkeys should definitely study up on antibiotic alternatives, not only because antibiotics may be unavailable after the poop hits the prop, but because they may become completely useless within the next few years.

    A form of e. coli resistant to all antibiotics has been known to exist in Europe for several years. Now one person in Pennsylvania has contracted it.

    The problem is that bacteria have the ability to spread antibiotic resistance "crosswise" among many different species by plasmid transmission. Which means a pan-resistant e. coli can donate it's resistance to other kinds of bacteria, thus creating pan-resistant forms of staph,TB, and many other diseases.

    Now that the genes for universal antibiotic resistance are in the pool, natural selection will pretty much guarantee that they will be passed around and shared by just about every bacteria in the book.

    The superbug that doctors have been dreading just reached the U.S.

    I think it'll take about twenty years for antibiotics to become utterly useless, but each year will be worse than the last, so start prepping your antibiotic alternatives early.
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  7. arleigh

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    I don't know for a fact that the latest strain of bug is susceptible but I know colloidal silver is still the #1 bacteria killer.
    If your not allergic to silver (few people actually are) I strongly suggest you learn about it.
    I make my own and it's not that hard .
  8. runswithdogs

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    I have col. silver. here. great for all sortsa thing. had a really nasty sore throat a few weeks back (the kind you know isent going anywhere good) Gargled som col.silver & it just about quashed it on the spot (another dose later that day seemed to finish it off)
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