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    How to Make Duct-Tape Glasses

    I just tried this out and it works. "Works" = I can see better with them than with nothing.
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    Pinhole glasses work on same principle as a pinhole camera

    The pinhole glasses probably work on the same principle as the pinhole camera. This kind of optical aid evidently works best for people with near sightedness...it may not provide a focal length appropriate for far sighteness nor will it probably correct for astigmatism and other kind of optical distortions to sight. Still, in an emergency it may help some people to see somewhat better than they otherwise might.

    Astigmatism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Pinhole camera - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    I have an astigmatism and I never donate of throw away an old pair of glasses for this reason. I have 5 pair of glasses from the past 15 years. I just pack them away in case I will not be able to get them anymore.
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    Something to think about in terms of survival eyecare

    Centre for Vision in the Developing World - Centre for Vision in the Developing World

    Adjustable vision glasses based on liquid - the glasses are variably adjustable for different viewer's sight. Designed for 3rd world countries (like the US to be) with poor access to quality eyecare.

    "Invented by Professor Josh Silver, the Adspecs were the first available self-adjustable glasses that allow the user to tune their glasses to their eyes. To change the power of the lens, the user turns the wheels on the syringes on the arms to pump more or less silicone oil into the lenses (which are simply two flexible membranes, protected by a hard plastic layer), changing their shape. When done, the user simply tightens the screws on each side of the frame and cuts off the syringes and tubing - transforming the Adspecs into a normal pair of glasses in a few minutes!"

    I saw info about these a while back. While they talk about cutting off the bladders holding silicone (b_ _bs :D sorry can't say silicone without thinking about b_ _bs :D) I'm sure a good backyard engineer could make some with permanently adjustable bladders/lenses. My vision is going with age, but mine is no where near as bad as the wife's. Anyways, something to think of when SHTF.
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    This is the way an aperture or 'peep' sight on a firearm works. At up to 50 yards, I find a peep sight just as accurate as a scope, and have done very well at 100 yards. The hole (the smaller the better for target shooting, depending on available light) concentrates the light, makes the view clearer and appears to slightly magnify it. Really works!
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    I discovered Optx20/20 stick on reading lenses about 8yrs ago,and have been singing their praises ever since.
    The optical quality has been good.
    They are very scratch resistant.
    They can easily be switched from one pair of glasses(sun glasses,or welding/scuba/gas mask)to another.
    Just wet with warm water,and blot dry.
    After 8yrs,and outlasting two pairs of polycarb script lenses.It's only now that it's become time to get new ones,and thats only becouse I need a stronger set.
    The only issue I've noticed with them.Is they started to get an amber tint to them at around year 5.My lenses are amber tinted anyways,so it hasnt mattered.
    They can be found on Ebay,or Amazon for$8-$15.
    The gradient goes from +1 to +3.75.They make a +4 but they are abit harder to find.
    You can also increase to higher than a +4,by putting different gradient stick-on lenses on both sides of the hard lenses.
    You can also add new life to your old bi-focals with these.Say the bifocal reading lense is a +2,but now your needing them to be +3.25.You just add a +1.25 stick-on lense to the other side,and WALLA!You can see again.
    To figure out which gradient to order.Just try on regular reading glasses at the store,till you find the ones that work the best.This can also be done by holding the reading glasses up to your bi-focals.
    Note the gradient#on the ones that work the best,and that will be the # to order.
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    It says they are currently unavailable there,and I dont see a price.
    What a shame.It's the first time I've seen them in bulk like that.
    A 20pk in differing gradients would last someone their entire lifetime,and then some.Thats with my every day rough useage(chain sawing/land clearing,concrete,pipe laying,construction,trucking,ect.).
    The Optx 20/20 stick-on reading lenses are one of the few"As Seen On TV"products ever to hit the market,that really work 110% as advertised.
    They can still be had in the single pairs on Ebay.
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    I can't wait to try out making a pair of these. would be a great asset to have in my back pocket. Then again I tend to keep all the glasses of previous ones I've had. The frames bust on me but not the lenses for some reason.
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    My husband got the laser surgery and loves it. Maybe I will do the same. Other than that I try and keep 3 spare pairs at all times of regular glaases. I have a pair of ballistic clear and ballistic tinted lenses for my goggles. Paid for by our uncle!
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