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    I get hammered for not supporting our troops in a war that I want to see ended. I don't support our troops because they are following the agenda of a power-crazed madman. That I don't support the war does not mean that I hate my neighbors son that is fighting it and I do hope he has a grand adventure and comes home with a hero's tales to tell but I really don't care that he his killing someone for Haliburton or religious differences, or the NWO.
    We try to stem the flow of illegal aliens into our country and the .gov want to build a six-lane super-highway to get them here faster. We want to prop up our social security benefits to insure that we can retire someday and .gov wants to share it with the ones that didn't pay into it.
    It is pretty transparent that they want to take our rifles, the last resort. They make it easier to carry pistols because that shuts us up, then they go after our rifles and get them. It will be "Assault rifles" first, then "Sniper rifles" (read anything with a scope). Nobody can fight a war with pistols against rifles, so it will be pretty easy to rid most of the pistols witha few days of check-points and since they already have a photo-i.d. of the concealed weapons permitted people and they are on record as being law-abiding, just call them up and demand their gun or track them on their cell-phone and take it. Your right to privacy is the true victom in the assault on freedom. Your neighbor, your brothers and sisters will ask why you resist the .gov's desire to keep you safe? The media will paint you in black and a NWO nut, conspiracy nut, gun nut, survivalist nut, tax revolt nut, religious nut and pretty soon, the only sane people left work for .gov.
    The well has been poisoned! Anyone that even speaks out about resistance is a terrorist suspect. The few of us that would take measures to resist can't even communicate with one-another in privacy.Do not look back or you will turn into a pillar of salt.
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    great points,I fear this will be a do and die situation for anyone opposing, If people don't all stand together at the same time( ORGANIZE) We don't stand a snowballs' chance in hell individually...If one guy stands up and brings his pet sks into play during a fed raid, he maybe takes one or two raiders with him....a pinprick that won't even be reported. and when they control the net , you can forget ever hearing about any resistance to tyranny. ( it'll be called aiding subversives /terrorists and criminalized).
    I don't think its paranoid to be apprehensive when you are dangllng over a alligator pit tied by the feet and people who don't have your best interests at heart but own and feed the aligators, produce a knife,
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