where in the world is Osama bin laden ?Morgan Spurlock

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    Came back from the local video store with a copy of Morgan Spurlock's new tongue in cheek film "Where in the world is Osama binladen."
    Morgan is the "supersize me" guy.Though its tongue on cheek on the surface the real film is him meeting various middle eastern folks documenting man on the street discussions"
    Viceroy Cheney was wrong they don't "hate us or "our freedoms" they hate the U.s.governments policy of sticking ourgovernment /corporate nose in everybody else's backyard. It follows all the other travel films I've seen where people go out and talk to "Muhamed six-pack" who's only trying to feed his kids and get a drink of clean water every now and again.

    My ratrional non prejudicial side says blacks are people with the same basic wants and needs as whites and that carries over to arabs and persians too. the model may change but a car is a car...[boozingbuddies]
    world travellers continually find open welcoming faces in "turd world countries" who proudly share the meager scraps they have in their mud huts.I know that is a dangerously liberal idea(and (Morgan alludes to the dangerous part of being an American travelling in an Islamic state).but I believe the real world ismostly open.
    Anyway,call it peacenik propaganda If you Must :butit's worth a watch,I enjoyed it..
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