Where Is The Moral High Ground?

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    This is an opinion piece... This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia.

    IMHO it's worth a read... points out some things... and gives one ample food for thought...

    and if we look carefully at history and what happened in Germany just before the Nazi's looks like there may be some parallels?

    The liberal left loves to act as if they own the moral high ground. They regularly look down their noses at those of us who call ourselves conservative, even doing the same for those who might be considered moderate.

    In the left’s way of looking at things, you’re only a “good person” if you say everything they say you should say, believe everything that they say you should believe and support all the causes they say you should support.

    This is somewhat humorous in its way, as it comes from the same group that suggests that there is no God, as the source of morality and moral judgment. In my personal opinion, without God, any god, there is no ultimate arbitrator of what is good and evil; but rather, society decides for itself what is good and what is evil.

    This means that morality is fluid and changes with every passing fad. Whatever society decides is moral, is moral, and whatever society decides is immoral, becomes immoral. The danger in that, is that society can change its fickle mind at any time, taking what is good and deciding it is bad, while declaring that the bad has become good.

    This happened in Germany, during the last century. Adolph Hitler decided that a number of people were so morally reprehensible, that they should be destroyed. He specifically went after the Jews, but his bloodthirstiness didn’t end there. He also went after blacks, homosexuals, gypsies, the mentally retarded and anyone with any sort of physical defect. Basically, he decided to kill off everyone who didn’t match his image of the perfect Aryan man.

    In this, we see a perfect example of what happens when there is no firm basis for morality. While it is supposedly society who decides what is moral in such a case, the reality is that a very small group of “elites” makes that decision, while the rest of society is forced to go along with it.

    How do they force people to go along with their definition of morality? Mostly by bullying them in the media. The left has developed the art of name calling to the point where they can get just about anyone to dance to their tune, but it works best with politicians and other high-profile people.

    In our society, the elite who are making such decisions are the PC police. This group, which consists of the left-leaning mainstream media, academia, liberal politicians and Hollywood, has taken it upon themselves to be the ultimate arbitrators of what is right and wrong, declaring their decisions with all the authority of Moses, descending the mount with the tablets of stone.

    Yet, their pronouncements aren’t carved on stone, nor were they written by the hand of God. Rather, they are blasted forth on television and in the print media. This actually serves their needs considerably better, as stone is just too permanent for their liking. They’d rather have something that they can conveniently forget, when they decide that what they had already said, just isn’t going to work today.

    Where Comes the Morality From?
    It actually has a number of roots, prime amongst them is a feeling of guilt. The attempt to eliminate the need for forgiveness, by eliminating God, is shown to be a failure by every action that they take.

    It is easy for people who feel constant guilt to see a need to expunge themselves of that guilt. Since they refuse to accept their guilt, even while recognizing the feeling of guilt, they have collectively decided that it must be the society that spawned them which is at guilt, hence their hatred for America and all things associated with America’s greatness.

    The list of things that the progressive liberal left hates is long. Let it suffice to mention a few key ones:

      • First of all, they hate financial and material prosperity, while wanting it all the time. Yet it is worthy of hate, because there is nothing that defines America as well as our wealth. It is American wealth which is helping to lift other countries out of poverty.
      • Then there is God Himself and those who represent Him. They hate those, because they stand as constant reminders that the liberal elite aren’t the gods they make themselves out to be; nor is their “morality” a true morality.
      • I’d also say that they hate American history, as it is the story of success. When they look at the rest of the world, and see that not everyone has succeeded, they feel a sense of shame; shame brought about by being better off than others.
      • Hating anyone who is white, especially men and even more especially conservatives goes hand in hand with hating American history, for no other reason that it has been the Caucasians in the world, both in Europe and in the West, who have made the most of the progress in the sciences, invention, and free market capitalism.
      • Finally, I’d say that they hate the military, because of a warped idea that our military prevents the rest of the world from being as successful as we are. The left loves to talk about America’s imperial ambitions, even though America is the only country in history, who has given freedom back to people who we have conquered.
    When we understand this, it’s easy to see why they have such a strong desire to “make things right” for those who don’t fully share the advantages of being American.

    Of course, while the left has decided that they need to help these people in order to expunge their feelings of guilt, they don’t feel so guilty as to be willing to sacrifice themselves. Rather, they seek ways of taking from others, in order to do so. After all, they’re the elite, they shouldn’t have to make that sort of sacrifice themselves.

    Hence, the liberal idea that they have a “right” to control politics and the government. It is only through the legality of using the government, that they can steal from the productive in our society, and use that money as an offering to those who have been selected as the objects of their largess.


    In turn, this requires keeping the disadvantaged in their place. They can’t allow the disadvantaged to become independent, or they will lose the salve for their bruised and guilty consciences. So they work to maintain racial and class warfare, perpetuating discrimination of all kinds.

    As you can see, this is all a fragile house of cards. All it would take is the slightest puff of wind, and it would all come crashing down. Which explains why the left tries so hard to prevent anyone else from having a voice.

    If they can chant and yell loud enough to drown out the voices from the right, it makes it easier for their people to maintain the faith. That’s not so much for the leaders, but for the masses that they have following them.

    One of the advantages to the left’s system of governing is that they end up with a lot of people beholden to them. Those people become followers, if for no other reason than to keep getting free handouts. It is those people, whose faith the left has to hold onto, simply because they are the ones who vote the left’s candidates into office.

    The former president and his party blew it on that one. They were so sure that the people on the left would stay there, following his politics of hate and division, that they didn’t pay attention to what was happening. They forgot that they had to keep paying the piper, for the piper to keep playing.

    At the same time, the silent majority rose up, mostly in response to the oppression of the PC police. The end was predictable, although few predicted it. Donald Trump, the long-shot candidate in the outside lane, ran the race and came in first, winning the prize.


    So, who owns the moral high ground now? Sadly, the left still thinks they do. They haven’t read the tea leaves and seen that things have changed. They don’t recognize that America has turned the corner and that they have lost both their power and their supposed moral high ground.

    They’re living in an echo chamber, telling each other that they won, and they are afraid to look at reality.

    Where Is The Moral High Ground?
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    They hate American history because it teaches that in the end, they always lose...
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    The "Moral high ground" is a pretty slippery place to be.

    Churches seemed to have a bit of 'Moral Authority" a while back. Until the revelations of homosexual pedophile priests - known to the organization - the same organization that worked to cover up the same. No high ground here any more. The current 'pope' dude is a laughing stock. The folks that profess to be Catholic have my sympathy. Maybe the next one with be worth a spit. I doubt it.

    Lest other churches try that claim - Jim and Tammy Fay anyone? Jimmy Swaggart - there are any number of fallen preacher types - that ground was lost a long time ago.

    Honest politicians? Do you mean the one that stay bought or the ones that seem to have a For Sale hung around their neck?

    Sports figures as perhaps some kind of role model? Ya, no. That was gone a very long time ago,. Individuals that do good and happen to to be famous Sports types, maybe.

    You get your own Morals. How you were raised, folks that influenced you growing up. Same as honesty and a work ethic. The trouble comes from anyone trying to push their morals onto others.

    That's how wars get started.......
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    Of those bullet points, this one is the most telling.
    And yet, they insist that we should give it ALL away, and retain none, which gives rise to this.
    They are elite, therefore don't need to sacrifice anything.
    NB: The "we" in the above comment does NOT include those that want the rest of us, zebra striped or otherwise, to sacrifice all to assuage their guilty consciences. There has to be a psychiatric diagnosis to go with that form of guilt.
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    Liberal = Fascist not news!

    Liberalism is a mental disease, it's called, "Dependent Personality Disorder." Formerly "Codependence."
    Look them up!
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    Oh my, the echo chamber here is loud today.....so much self admiration, self congratulation, and so much self righteous out-group ridicule.
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    And the court jester walks in the room, making jokes and snide comments..... ;)
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    No, I'm not the unemployed court jester who is no longer permitted to visit this place....there's nothing to joke about in this echo chamber:(....the OP referenced article being rather overloaded with straw men, broad generalisations and of course, the to be expected argumentum ad Hitlerum. The reaction of other members of the echo chamber are, well, predictable.:ROFLMAO:

    Curiously, there's no critical evaluation of the referenced article's claims. That might require just more than a little critique of one's own values and ideological allegiances, than one might feel comfortable about doing....so it's mostly yee haas and high fives. :rolleyes:
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    You make the mistake believing that anyone actually reads the entire (or even part of) the posted article.
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    Chelloveck you are the one that is predictable,always talking down someone or our government?Anything about the USA,Trump and or our government powers,then we know just about what you will say. Is it because your country is so much behind our country,or is it because our country is so much better off than yours. Myself I always thought of Australia as being the country I would go to if I were ever to leave the good old USA. Australia is next in line to be the best country in the world right behind the United States of America. Sometimes I doubt you being from Australia,you really sound like someone from New York or someone from the north eastern states," a yankee ". Do you really live in Australia?
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    I agree mostly with the OP.
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    Off topic, but begs for definition.
    For anyone resident outside the US, a Yankee is an American.
    For anyone living west of the Missawhoopie, easterners may be referred to as Yankees, even those resident in the south, whether or not it pi$$es them off.
    For anyone living south of the Mason Dixon line, anyone living north of the line (even those in the west, regardless if it annoys them) is a Yankee.
    For anyone living south of the New York border, anyone living north of there (New England) is a Yankee.
    For a New Englander, those who eat cheddar cheese on their apple pie are Yankees.
    For the apple pie and cheddar eating Yankees, anyone who doesn't do the same are contemptible primitives with no redeeming social value and beyond salvation.
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    What I think is funny is if you have two left wings or two right wings you fly around in a circle it takes a right wing and a left wing working together to get any where

    Bishops backwoods words of the day
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    i cant believe this crap gets reposted. Now we are a secondary OPed site for other survival sites? I did not think that this site was about reposting other people's articles and opinion pieces.

    About the OP
    It is a an opinion piece with a title 'moral high ground' which should make any reasonable person nervous. The wide spew of over generalizations in that article is NO DIFFERENT than the wide over generalizations spouted by the 'liberal left'.

    When you have two sides who get up on their moral high horse, you basically get two children screaming at each other that they are right. There is no room for dialog.

    Why are we allowing a political piece to be posted in 'general discussion' and continuing to allow reposting of other sites? There is no original thought from the poster and its a waste of space on the server.
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    Why? Because it does not promote or denigrate either the left or the right of the political spectrum per se. The focus is on morality, its sources and variability. If someone on staff thinks it should be moved to the politics subforum, it will happen.

    We often see reposts, and even like it when that happens as long as due recognition is given to the originating site. Where do you think all the posters, motivational and otherwise come from? We have a LOT of talent, but that art work is way more than might originate on one site.

    To add, if you don't want to read it, or don't like the content of a post, take it up off line, not here. If you think moderation of a post or thread is due, PM a staffie. On the other hand, if you want to discuss the contents of a post rather than just to say it is misplaced, by all means present your counterpoint.
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    :D:D:DGanado, I like you a lot, but I wish you would stop Lollygaging around and just say what you mean! :D:D:D
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    You are probably right, but it's also probably a bit like some men saying they only buy Playboy, or Penthouse to read the articles,(instead of perving at the pictures for their fapping value). The thing is, folk here do read these kind of values affirming articles, to reinforce their own world view, and to demonstrate their own tribal allegiance by making the kind of comments that we see posted above. The articles also serve the function of hydrant markers to visitors here, indicating that this place is essentially conservative territory, with 'liberal' hydrant marking, most unwelcome!
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    1. Au contraire....you only see what you wish to see, and are upset by....the content that tends to grind your gears...you seem to be, intentionally, or unintentionally ignoring or blissfully unaware of the content which doesn't put a burr in your saddle.

    2. When Trump actually does things that are actually beneficial for the nation as a whole....like resigning his Presidency, I'd be happy to congratulate him for doing something that is truly worthy of praise. if the American Government does things that are harmful to the interests of Australia or Australians, or even Americans, let alone citizens of the rest of the world, then questioning, challenging and critiquing the American government's actions is an appropriate response; instead of sheep like acceptance, because its coming from the Judas sheep-in-chief who's leading his flock of admirers...to its destruction together with the rest of the nation. Trump's

    3. I say what I feel needs to be said, regardless of the popularity of its reception...I seem to be a choir of one, singing counterpoint to the rest of the congregation; A thankless task, but someone has to do it. If you already know what my position will be...why bother reading it and belly aching that it's upsetting? Avoid the cognitive dissonance, and join the others of the 'ignore Chello' brigade. You know you want to. :ROFLMAO:

    My messages are as much for the visitors here, as it is for the residents. Who knows, it may encourage a 'liberal' or two (or more, even) to become members, and start contributing to the forums here also. You wouldn't possibly object to that? would you? ;)

    4. In short...no...and...emphatically, NO!. Wouldn't trade my country for yours as a place to live: Am not envious of all of the things that America purports to have, that Australia perhaps doesn't. No sour grapes envy here, OM11...I'd be giving up far too much, to gain far too little.

    5. You'd hate it here, OM11. No 2A; much less Christian privilege (than the USA; the Christians here bleat about that a lot!). Compulsory voting; universal health coverage (damnably cheap socialist medicine); The minimum wage is a wage that can be lived on without working two jobs and relying on food stamps just to survive; Driving on the socialist (left / correct side) side of the road; much less street crime; frequent singing of "God Save the Queen"; Police who tend not to shoot suspects on sight; An intrusive social welfare system that makes searching for work, and accepting any genuine offers of work compulsory...or risk losing unemployment benefits.....yep, it's the socialist paradise you'd probably feel very uncomfortable living in...meh...it's more socialist than Putin's oligarchic wonderland. (oh, I didn't bother to mention / list all the things that bite, sting, kick, butt, gore or poison...that's just a given).


    6. Is America the best country in the world?....well, that would be seriously debatable......A lot would depend on what particular metrics we would be comparing America with....wealth? crime? Low homicide rate? Life expectancy? Health? Education? Employment opportunities? Religiosity? and who is doing the measuring....In my view, America rates well below some other countries around the world (such as Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark etc) as a preferred place to live. To me, I'd much prefer New Zealand, If I had to emigrate anywhere.

    The 11 best countries to live in around the world

    7. Others have expressed that doubt, and those suspicions....If I am actually an 'American', my assumed identity would have to be one of longest enduring, and pointless hoaxes imaginable.

    8. Yes, I am an Australian, living in Australia.
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    Wrong Cat Daddy
    Anyone whom uses the term You'se Guys is fair game!
    We the natural born will break it off in the You'se Guys axx just to have fun!
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