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    I keep waiting for Fed bankers - and European central bankers, too - to point to the price of gold and silver as a better indicator of what is going on than the mass of inconclusive data through which they apparently sift. Haven't these clever individuals noticed that gold is on its way to cracking US$1,000 again and that silver is over US$15? --$970 or so today---
    Are money metals not still a barometer of concern, given the way that paper money is headed? I think they are. In fact, I think that gold could double its price and silver could easily quadruple before this leg of the business cycle is concluded. Of course, even as that happens I expect central bankers will retain their cautionary posture - rump up, eyes down - continually inspecting green shoots
    but also a tempting target for paper money printers---[lolol] and those who still believe in political promises--- "I have no desire to run car companies"---

    Keep watching, meanwhile, for the dawn of ever higher gold and silver prices - and their derivatives, too (mining stocks, etc.) This, IMHO, is the true place to have our store of value; no value id to be found in political promises that have their basis in a teleprompter, campaign rhetoric or press release let alone from a Communist Manifesto[applaud].
    The lessons and verified cycles of history may not be taught today but I guarantee that they will be repeated- with devistating consequences for those who deny the lessons and sound economic principles of the past.

    The economic future you will live will be determined by your independent sound money decisions of today.

    Laus Deo

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