Where to go when Zombies attack

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    WASHINGTON — When Woody Harrelson escapes the living dead in "Zombieland," a new movie opening this Friday, should he head for the hills or the mall? A recently published research paper suggests that he's probably better off hiding in the mall to save his delicious brain.
    The world is full of things that move in zombie-like fashion, such as particles flowing through a turbulent fluid or the unpredictable price changes of the stock market, so physicists seek insight into this behavior by creating so called "random walking" models.
    Physicist Davide Cassi at the Università di Parma in Italy looked at how long an entity hiding in a complex structure could survive if being pursued by predatory random walkers. Cassi's paper, recently published in the journal Physical Review E, is the first to describe a general principle of a prey’s likelihood to survive over time while hiding in an irregular structure.
    Though the paper itself does not specifically refer to fleeing from zombies, it describes "the survival probability of immobile targets annihilated by random walkers." The conclusions suggest that the people trapped in a mall in "Dawn of the Dead" may be better off than the folks stuck in a farmhouse in "Night of the Living Dead."
    Cassi found that the likelihood of survival when threatened by predatory random walkers is closely related to how complex the prey’s hideout is. The more twists and turns, the safer you'll be. In structures that are highly complex and irregular, the chances of the predator coming into contact with its target shrinks down to almost zero.
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    Cassi formulates a model to describe the behavior of randomly moving particles as they travel through maze-like networks. He said that his work could apply to a wide variety of situations including the distribution of information through the internet and medicine spreading through the human body."
    There are a lot of applications of these results in a lot of fields of sciences," Cassi said. "The most amazing field of applications of these results are in biology, biochemistry and other organisms.
    "So remember, when the zombies come, flee to the biggest shopping mall you can find and remember that, using zombie movies as a guide, the undead often win.
    This article was provided by Inside Science News Service, which is supported by the American Institute of Physics, a not-for-profit publisher of scientific journals.
  2. Brokor

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    No? lol.
  3. CRC

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    I don't even like going IN the mall.....it scares me. Too many weirdo people in there! [loco]
  4. Tracy

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    I'll take my chances with the zombies. ;)
  5. kckndrgn

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    LOL yeah I avoid the mall at all costs as well

    Now here's a question. If a mosquito takes blood from a zombie, will it too become a zombie? what if that same mosquito bites you?
  6. E.L.

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    Obviously the author does not know that the mall is already over run with zombies.
  7. Tracy

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    No. A zombie is dead. For the mosquito to become a zombie, it would have to be dead and brought back to life (like the original zombie).

    If a mosquito (even a zombie-biting mosquito) bites me, it is likely to be dead and unable to be brought back to life.

    If that mosquito transfers zombie blood into my system, I won't change a bit. Well, I'd be grossed out for a few... Then I'd have to determine what direction the mosquito came from so that I might escape the upcoming zombie attack.

    Do you have a new video game we should know about?! :lol:
  8. kckndrgn

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    Nope, just the wife and I were discussing the article last night and we both thought about mosquito's.

    But, now what it the Zombies were of the nature that the zombies were in "Resident Evil"? I would assume then you would become one.

    OK, I'm thinking about this way too much! LOL [booze]
  9. Tracy

    Tracy Insatiably Curious Moderator Founding Member

    Had to consult with my kids on that one... They said RE zombies are zombies by virus (T-virus).

    My assumption is that it's a blood-born virus and therefore; Yes, I could be zombie material.

    I'm still gonna' stick with: I'd kill the damn bug. [batteye] Save myself, my family, and eventually... The world :D
  10. Seawolf1090

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    I'd rather have a simple HARDENED and secure hideyhole than take my chances in a soft complex location. ONE zombie sees you, he calls his 'tribe' and you are toast. A hundred zombies are not gonna dig through steel and concrete. [winkthumb]
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