Resource Where Women Have No Doctor, Fifth Printing 2014

A Health Guide For Women, Published By The Hesperian Foundation

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    Any chance that alaskachick can review this one?
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    I will Ask her, when she wakes up.... {a couple hours later} She told me that she will look at it and maybe post some other Links to similar Resources....
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    I am still working through this. There is good information. It is in what I would consider a “dumbed down” format. It is written so that a person with only a 5th grade education can understand it. That is the standard in the US for medical information papers given to patients. I believe most women in the US probably already know much of the information. On a global scale it is a valuable resource. As I write this I don’t remember if it has been published in other languages. I am guessing the answer is yes. I will finish reading it and if I have any more will hear. :) I want to add that I meant no disrespect to anyone with the “dumbed down” comment. But I think that information should be geared to the person who is receiving that information. By and large, it is my opinion, that in the US this is usually involves much greater understanding of complex terms and language.
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    And it wasn’t a couple of hours later! He is just so deaf now he doesn’t hear me get up!;) hmmmmmm there could be benefits to this. ;)
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    Yes ma'am, you are quite correct. Actually, it is currently in print in six other languages, I recently learned, after visiting the Where Women Have No Doctor page on the Hesperian website:
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