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  1. Yard Dart

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    Map: Where You Don't Want to Be When It Hits the Fan

    What is your plan to survive or get out of the area if you live in one of these high density areas/regions? Of course this depends on if vehicles are operational... but then who wants to sit in many miles of grid lock... Have you recon'd optional routes or other means of egress? Are you considering a relocation at this time or have a BOL to evacuate to? All good food for thought on where the masses will be and how to handle taking care of you and yours in the aftermath of an event.
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  2. C.T.Horner

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    Survival in the center of a major city is possible with planning and diligence. It will be difficult but not impossible. It is better to get out but the window will be small, without a planed route, with several alternatives. The destination must be the only goal, everything must be preplanned and already in place. There are several documented cases where soldiers were able to travel great distances across hostile territory, with very little. But when they reached allies or collaborators, they were supplied. You will have to already have those supplies in place if you are to succeed.

    Myself without giving too much away, I have caches, and multiple routes planed. Also I have cheap modes of transportation staged along the way. For example I have staged two boats, I use the term boat in it’s most lenient of terms. Neither would pass the slightest inspection, and may be considered barley seaworthy. But either one will cross the river I have to traverse to my BOL safely. Collectively, I have more money in the gas for the runabout, I used to tow them to their locations. The sweat and muscle I expended hauling them inland and burying them was a labor of love, just knowing they would be there if I ever need them.

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  3. DarkLight

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    Of course...I live in one of those highlighted counties. Damn.

    Working on getting out of debt so I can make a change.
  4. Motomom34

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    I am in the blue also. I know that I am not at a good spot but I also know where to draw back to. I don't want to be here but job and house keep us here. Maybe I just need more fencing and lots more ammo.
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  5. Yard Dart

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    I am in the exact same situation... taking care of the debt issue and hoping the home value goes up a little more to unload it....do not want to take a loss right now on the current place.
  6. BTPost

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    You will notice there is NOT one Blue square, in the WHOLE State of Alaska...... .......
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  7. tulianr

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    That's because of all the "blue noses" in the State of Alaska. ;)
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  8. VisuTrac

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    I'm outside of a blue region.

    But just because I'm not in the blue, doesn't mean I'm good to go.

    The map is missing at least 2-3 regions in Michigan that one should avoid.
    Flint (Genesee County) and Saginaw (tri-cities area in Saginaw/Midland counties) and throw in Benton Harbor in the SW corner of MI near Chicago.

    These locations have high crime, high unemployment and very high percentage of population receiving state/federal benefits.

    Which areas in your AO does the map miss that you know are No-Go zones.
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  9. Motomom34

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    VisuTrac that is a good question. I read an article and heard that some of those boom areas in North Dakota are REAL rough. And I am surprised that there is no blue in Louisiana. I know that Katrina relo'ed many of their criminals to Huston but I think some areas in the South would be kind of rough do to the high entitlement crowd down there.
  10. tulianr

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    Yeah. There are also no blue squares in Arkansas or Mississippi, or in a half dozen other states. I wouldn't count too heavily on one of these maps to provide any security when choosing a locale. Basic common sense will be of more assistance - avoid high population areas, avoid low income areas, avoid high crime areas. Find areas where people are more self sufficient, and live closer to nature, and you can't really go wrong.
  11. Brokor

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    I think this version is far more accurate, with yellow being the extended danger areas associated with high population. Also take note of the border with Mexico.
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  12. Motomom34

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    Thanks Brokor. I am going to show this map to a friend of mine. In case of collapse she is planning on heading to her Dad's place but it is on real close to the Mexico border. I always thought that was a bad idea because it is unsafe now. If you have to go around now armed, I think it would be worse if SHTF.
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  13. BTPost

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    You can forget about the Blue and Yellow in Utah..... It looks like those are determined on Population Density only, and that just isn't going to apply to Utah. Those Mormons have a profound, and viable Structure of Self-Government, built into their Church Organization. They will have Neighborhood & Community Self-Protection, up and running, in Hours, after any SHTF Event Senerio, and will easily be able to deal with any non-compliance, right at the source, and in a very short time. Utah would not be a good place for outsiders to try and prey on the locals, and if your NOT part of the Neighborhood & Community, known to your neighbors, and are causing trouble, your going to find out, real quick, just how fast those Folks can deal with non-compliance, with the Rules of Civilization. .......
  14. HK_User

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    Yup, I felt pretty safe when I was a "Blue Nose" too.
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  15. Motomom34

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    I agree with BT regarding Utah. I was surprised to see a bad zone around Salt Lake. I have been to Utah many times and the state has a different feel to it. Every person I have met there was decent. If there are bad guys in Utah I think they are far out numbered.
  16. NotSoSneaky

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    All I can think of is all the dang yuppies heading for their vacation homes in the Catskills, Berkshires, Green Mountains, the lakes region of NH and Down East Maine.

    With zero supplies with them, bringing only their attitude of entitlement and superiority.

    That's gonna go over real good. [tongue]
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  17. VisuTrac

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    You actually think they are going to make it there? They probably only have between a quarter and a third of a tank of gas and only know one way to get there. ;)
  18. billwilson

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    Thank you
  19. KAS

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    have you ever been in southern lousiana ???
    as yall say "its survival not prepping thats just a way of life in southern LA"
  20. techsar

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    But the point is that there is no blue in Orleans or Jefferson parishes, nor any around E. Baton Rouge...the map is quite incomplete. As was mentioned in an earlier post common sense would be a better guide.
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