Wheres PETA when you need them??????

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    Officials club a dog to death on a street in Luoping county in southwest China's Yunnan province April 29, 2006. A county in southwestern China has killed as many as 50,000 dogs in a government-ordered campaign following the deaths of three local people from rabies, official media reported on Tuesday. The five-day massacre in Yunnan province's Mouding county spared only military guard dogs and police canine units, the Shanghai Daily reported, citing local media.

    I guess thats the way it goes when a country doesnt allow gun owner ship.
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    Hope those scum go to a "special" place in the next life....:mad:
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    They're not beating it, that's called tenderizing. They're getting ready for a cookout. :sick:

    They need to trade positions with that dog. Let the dogs start wailing on them with sticks. Might be fun for us to watch. :censored:

    Where is PETA? PETA is only a civilized world group. They know if they showed up in China, they would have their butts handed to them. If they were even allowed to debark the planes.

    I am totally against animal cruelty, though I am just as opposed to PETA as I am animal cruelty. They are just a bunch of whiners and complainers that want their faces on the news. Hollyweird crowds with nothing better to do. You want action? You see someone abusing an animal, walk up and do to them what they were doing to the animal. That should stop their 'cruel' ways. If not I'm sure a slug would. [beat]
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    Does China have laws to vacinate animals for rabies ?

    Are they making records of where the dogs are killed and having them tested after having been killed ?

    If the answers to these questions is NO this is a terrible waste of 50,000 dogs lives .

    Rabies a horrible way to die and I can understand extreme concearn but to simple kill any and all dogs and dogs only sounds pretty useless .

    What are they doing to control Rats and other rodents that also carry rabies , cats and even birds can spread this .
  5. TailorMadeHell

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    Looks like a waste to me. After all, you don't have to kill the animal to see if it has rabies. You could tranq it, check and if it's okay then you can quarantine it until you have rounded up all the rabid animals then release the non-rabid ones. If it is rabid, then you could put it down easier than beating it with sticks. I'd be surprised if they knew their bleep from a hole in the ground. Rabies can be carried by a multitude of animals, and I'm sure the bite from a rabid human can infect someone too. They going to go around and beat to death 50,000 people cause they forgot to wash the foamy toothpaste off their faces before getting drunk?

    I don't think they even care if the animals are not rabid. They can't beat anyone else so they take it out on the dogs. Maybe they are actually beating the dogs to death because they won't join the Party. 'Stupid American dog won't sign the paper.'

    I don't know about their laws, though don't they have a limit on the amount of children you can have? What do they do if you have more? Throw the baby in the street and beat it too? Stupid laws they have. And it does say that Military and Police dogs are left. So the rabies vaccine is being used for the sole purpose of keeping the government with enough dogs to dominate the citizens.
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    It's the Chinese way, they are still a backwards and primative nation. I know some guys that work over there in management, it all goes back to what they call the "Chinese Standard." Innovation is not their strong point.
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    Be very careful with that sentiment. It's that sort of smugness that irritates the rest of the world, and has a lot to do with why we are not loved to pieces. They will bury us if we are not exceedingly careful. That said, we have earned the right to a bit of arrogance, we just need to be circumspect in its use. I spent enough time in Asia to get a feel for the thinking, and they are patient. One guy that I learned to respect and get to know said it rather succinctly, and with great clarity: "We have 5000 years of experience, and what we do and how we do it has worked well. Your 300 years has been remarkable regarding your progress. But you are still not civilized." At the same time, he acknowleged that they are very slow to change, and very reactionary. (He also admitted that there has been abuse of all sorts under imperial governance and also under communism, and it has been that way for the same 5000 years.) Communism will not last there, but it will take time to convince them that going the commie way was a mistake. To Asians, setting a quiet example is FAR better than attempting to ram our forms and ways of doing things down their throats as we are trying to do in the mid east. It ain't gonna work.

    End rave.:D
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    Another thing we Americans forget is that not all people share our concerns. The Chinese, by and large, don't keep animals as pets. My supervisor is married to a Chinese lady, and the family visits her parents each year or so back in China. So, I've gotten some insights into their culture.
    Where we see a fluffy puppy or cat as something to be coddled and made a 'family member', they see a wild pest vying with the rats for scraps in their cities. Simply a vastly different culture.
    It's not 'right' to our eyes, but it is their way.
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    I am not saying that all Asians are ignorant idiots that house themselves in a isolationist country devoid of civil rights and having rampant 'pest' populations. Japan is a decent country in my eyes. Way better than China. And I know our customs aren't their customs. Though no matter what you think is 'right' for us or 'wrong' for them there is a base morality that should be adhered to, no matter of culture. Example, if you see someone beating a child in America you do something because it is wrong. If you see some Chinese kid getting beaten, then you should do something as well. Wrong is wrong no matter the culture. If I want my woman to stand beside me instead of behind me then that is my belief and culture. That is a culture. Culture is no excuse for doing something wrong.

    It is my belief that cruelty to animals is flat wrong. That is just a base. Whether you eat the dog or love the dog there should be no action like this. Use tranqs or a swift bullet to put down rabid dogs. No matter they see them as 'pests'. Don't they know how to spay or neuter their pets? These idjuts just want to beat on something that can't fight back. Notice there is three to one ratio? Cowards beating a dog. Let them come here and try that bull. I'll show them what a beating looks like and I won't use a stick or even call my buddies.

    I believe that the same one who created humans also created animals so they deserve the same amount of dignity and respect. We are after all, the caretakers and not the owners. That is my two cents and some on the subject.
  10. Blackjack

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    Sorry, if the choice is being considered arrogant or actually being a backward a** primitive that decides to beat 50k dogs to death with sticks because of some rabies.......... guess I'll take arrogant.

    After 5,000 years you'd think they would have figured that bears' gall bladder or rhino horn ingested in tea doesn't give you sexual prowess (or pangolin blood or whatever endangered animal they're killing off these days in the name of trying to enlarge their penis').
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    A lot of the difference between 'cruel' and killing is perception. For one thing they dont get to have guns, thats why they were tossing rocks at tanks a few years back and I dont know but I would imagine they probably dont have tranqualizers in the medicine cabnet along with a way to deliver them either. So if there is a reason the animal has to die, be it for food or because it is deseased or a pest or what ever then you kill it as you can. Like was mentioned the dogs there are somewhere between our view of a rat and a chicken or other meat critter. With sticks like they were carrying a good smack on the neck or head and the dog is just as dead as quick or quicker than a bullet to the heart, it just isnt as sanitary to watch.

    I know a lot of folks might think I was horrible because of me killing animals, various ways being the limit to various folks. I always do my best to make sure the death is as quick as possible but I hunt and most often shoot the animals in the hearts, I butcher and generaly just shoot the critters in the head, I have had pets that needed to be put down and rather than take them to a vet to be jabbed with a needle and have the lungs/heart paralized to kill them so it looks nice and clean I take them out in the field put the shotgun a couple inches from their head and they pass quicker than they would at the vets, I have killed more than one chicken by chopping off its head or just twisting it off, Ive killed loads of rabbits to butcher and have done several with a pipe to the back of the head and some with a blade through the brain and both killed the bunny about as quick as a bullet to the base of the skull, in fact all the meathods mentioned other than shooting through the heart, killed the animals just as dead just as quick, some just are a lot more unplesant to watch because they dont look as peacable or whatever. The slaughter houses here for decades mostly killed animals with a sledge hammer to the head.

    Killing anything is just makeing it dead and if they hit them in the head and neck whenever possible, and I would imagine they do if for no other reason than to avoid pissing it off and getting bit by smacking it on the rump, then it kills them just as dead and quicker than if htey did have guns and shot for the body.

    As far as testing them, if Im not mistaken they can get a fair idea by observing the animal but the only way they make sure if it has rabies is to kill the animal and test brain matter, so they would have to kill them anyway.

    Im not saying its a good thing but how many of us would figure they needed to be beat if they were clubing rats to death?
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    Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against killing humanely and for a good reason, I have been a hunter most of my life, in fact, I truly enjoy the kill and being responsible for my place in the food chain, but I NEVER allow something to suffer intentionally or needlessly.... not even a rat.

    The people in the pic do not appear to be concerned much with being quick and humane.

    I've just never liked the argument - Nation "x" has been around for thousands of years, so they are wiser than whomever. Bullcrap! Idiocy and superstition are rampant throughout the oldest civilizations on earth including my own.

    North Koreans (some) like to eat dog.... no problem with that, but some of them torture the dogs before killing them thinking it gives the meat more mystical power........... jackasses! /rant
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