Whew, Made it out alive! Maybe I should have called DHS.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by VisuTrac, Feb 16, 2012.

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    I was on my way to work today and stopped into the gas station to get a cup of coffee.

    I walked in the door, and almost froze in place with fear.

    2 figures dressed in black were standing silently by the cooler where the water is stored. I waited in line to get my cup of coffee. I kept glancing at the ominous pair, not moving, not saying anything, Just staring at the cooler.

    I was getting worried that I should have called DHS, you know 'See something, say something'. After a minute or so, it was my turn to get coffee.

    After getting my coffee I turned to see that they were still there! OMG i thought, This is bad. Really, really bad. What are they up to?

    I got in line to pay and get the hell out of there. Then they both grabbed a bottle of water and joined me in line.

    Now I'm freaking out. I believe they were women but I wasn't sure. Dressed in oversized full length black cloth. Every inch of them was covered, from head to toe in black. I arrived at the cashier to pay. My mind was racing. Were they a pair terrorists? Where they religious extremists? Suicide Bombers? Why would they descend on this sleepy little town?

    I could only think to pay and get the hell outta there as fast as i could. As there was no telling what they were going to do. Plus the fact that they were right behind me.

    I finally reached the cashier and paid for my drink. As I turned, one of my deepest fears were realized! They were religious extremists. Oh God help me I said as I fled for the door. God help the people left inside as I reached my car and sped away.

    They were nuns. Should I have called DHS because it seemed to fit the profile?
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    Bet they were 'packing'....... those rulers can be deadly weapons. ;)
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  3. snowbyrd

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    Bad thing,,,,,,,,,,
    They probably wouda just flown away, like, Sally Fields. Uh, the flying NUN?
    Showing my age..............oopps
  4. BTPost

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    Not Totally BLACK.... There is a White underHead Garment Cover.... But scary none the less... especially when they scowl..... That look can Freeze SeaWater... like a brick......
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    my big question is, why did everyone in my office this morning think it was a deranged female suicide bomber this morning, before i told them it was nuns?

    You think they've been listening to the government line that we are all target her in the United States of AmeriKa?

    Obviously the propaganda must be working. 'They are everywhere'
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    Women tend to be scary.
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