Which Food Saver is the Best?

Discussion in 'Back to Basics' started by IndieMama, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. IndieMama

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    Can I get opinions, please? We are not sure which is best and we would love to have personal opinions/experiences to go by.

    Also, what is a good commercial supplier to buy the bags in bulk?

  2. melbo

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    I have a Foodsaver V825 and have loved it for the past 5 years with no problems. I would definitely go with a Foodsaver model if I were looking to replace it.

    They don't make mine anymore and I'm not sure if that means they've gotten better or worse... Foodsaver At Amazon

    One of my favorite tricks is from Clyde: Make 10x the Chili you want to make and then vac-pack smaller dinner portions and stack them in the freezer. Many don't realize you can vac-pack liquids but it works great with my model.

    As far as bulk bags, I've never seen a great deal on bulk bags. I buy 2 and 4 packs when I find them. I never buy the pre-made bags- buy the roll and cut off what you need when you need it. I did find that the cheaper Black & Decker bags were terrible. I stick with the Foodsaver brand bags exclusively.
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  3. IndieMama

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    Thanks Melbo. That is very helpful.
  4. magnus392

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    Go to the Foodsaver website and sign up for their emails. They run sales and specials regularly. You can get bags upto 25% off (that I have seen so far). I picked up the $80 model for $24, ordered several and got free shipping to boot.
  5. ghrit

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    Mags, have you tested it yet? Does it look like it will hold up? (Been thinking on one for freezer storage, once I get a freezer in.)
  6. Brokor

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    I use a v3020 Foodsaver because I like being in control. With all manual controls for operation, I am like the Mario Andretti of the food packing world.
  7. Spartan300

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    The Foodsaver brands are great. We use ours to put back all types of food. Great for adding foods to your bug out bags as well. A great tool for the survivalist!
  8. magnus392

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    Well the wifey closed it and engaged the lock and killed the gasket. It still works, but I have to hit the seal button manually or it will suck forever because it is pulling air through the not sealed gasket. I will order a replacement tomorrow, so I will be able to report on their service:D

    BTW Lyman customer service sucks!
  9. Valkman

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    Foodsaver is having a 50% off sale - go to Foodsaver.com and click on specials.

    I ordered a package deal and some other stuff, then tried 3 times to pay with a debit card and it kept saying "there's a problem, try again". Then I called and made the order and the lady said she saw nothing from me trying to order. But now the bank site shows 4 debits for $1000 total so be careful as we now have to get those 3 charges taken off.

    Edit: Well now I'm wishing I'd of saved up for the Cabela's CG-15 made by Weston. After the website fiasco when I ordered from the (very very nice) lady I said I wanted the "FoodSaver® Starter Chef Deluxe Kit". She said "Oh OK it's $79.99" and I said "No the one I want is $173.40". Turns out they labeled two different packages the same, and mine is supposed to have "Gourmet" in the name. This is not good.

    Then I called about the 4 charges and was told to just wait and 3 of them would "drop off". Great but now we have $18 to live off of until that happens. So the wife calls the bank and they say they can't do anything unless FS calls them. She calls FS and they refuse. She calls again and gets the super nice lady I ordered from, who now tells my wife it's all my fault as I didn't know my card and CCV numbers. What? I knew them perfectly and we had no trouble with that. And they say their accounting dept. is closed until Monday so call back then.

    Foodsaver CS sucks!
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