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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dragonfly, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. dragonfly

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    Ok, I'm thoroughly confused here...help me SORT this one out will you?
    A guy, drives in his car some 800 yards ( 2,400 feet!) from the White House...shoots from the car window and....
    (Now I get that part!)
    But it gets very very weird following the news reports...
    1st he shoots 2 bullets, then it was 8 or 9, then it was 20..?
    He abandons his car, leaving the spent shell casings behind...
    Uh huh, and what about the rifle? I heard a variety of stories about a load of ammo in the trunk also...( proabably for a BB gun no less!)
    One of the 2 bullets that actually "hit" the White House, has traveled some 2,400 feet and hits a window, (made of ballistic glass) and shatters it?
    Say what? Really? Do you BUY into that?
    No way I am!
    A 7.62 x 39 round? Seriously? Travels some 2,400+/- feet and then accurately hits a window? And it shatters the Ballistic Glass?
    Must be one heck of a Marine Corps Sniper "dude"!
    No way he could hit a window with that round, at that distance, without some real serious help! Must be a modified Ak? How about a modified round? Maybe, it was just dumb luck?
    Sounds bizarre at best....
    The energy spent by that round, and the accuracy of the weapon he supposedly used, all put things in a bit of a fog for me...
    I have never fired an AK, only having been on the receiving end....They are not really what you'd call "accurate". But they can/do/will throw a lot of lead around and in a short hurry!
    Seeing as how the bullet is technically a .308, then I'm willing to give it an "E" for effort, but from that cartridge, that I'd say is about the equivalent to a .30-.30 round....? Doubtful it would do what they say. Now I have NO doubt it could be "lobbed in", in an arc to reach 2,400 feet...but still have the power to shatter a ballistic glass window in the W.H.....I really find this whole thing a tad bit FISHY!
    Your thoughts?
    (Now it was "supposedly" 750 yds., and another says 1/2 a mile distance, the weapon left in car, only spent casings found, but one source says a number of rounds were left in the car with the weapon...The window that was shattered was NOT the ballistic one, inside the older "historic" pane, which was destroyed)
    I wish someone would make these imbeciles report "ONLY THE FACTS MAAM"!
    Next: Rogue Space Gypsies attack O'bama....!
    Film at 11!
  2. beast

    beast backwoodsman

    did ya hear about the blind guy that bumped into the whitehouse reporter?
    he tipped his hat and said "g'd evening madam"
    the whole damned thing has sounded like an overful can of sardines from the start
    im thinkin obammy and his obuttcrew set it up as propoganda for more antigun law leverage
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  3. Seawolf1090

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    The outer glass window shattered, NOT the interior 'ballistic window'.

    Yeah, that claim he was trying an assassination is pure bunk.
    800 yards away with an AK (I am assuming non-scoped), from a car, during a time EVERYBODY with two brain cells rubbing butts knew that obozo and family were out-of-country.........

    Then walks away leaving all this nifty 'evidence'. This tool was meant to draw attention and get caught. A classic diversion...... from what?
    What are we supposed to NOT be seeing?

    Big stink of something rotten here.
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  4. STANGF150

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    Think about it, an AK!!! I smell an attempt at another "Assault Weapons" ban here.
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  5. Alpha Dog

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    I seen somewhere on the news the guy was claiming to be the new Jesus. Who's to say they didn't find some guy with mental problems to be the fall guy. No one would ever question it and they could lock the guy away in a hospital. I agree I think it's another push toward assault weapon bann or any type of weapon they see fit to ban. Plus not that I've ever been apart of but have a friend :rolleyes: who has enjoyed the art of road hunting. It is not easy to roll up and pop off rounds and hit a target and at that distance BS.
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  6. marlas1too

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    if anyone knows anything about the 7.62x39 round is its a mid range round and is inly good for 400 yards -500 at best---the report is just what i would expect from the white house--pure bs [kneelsuckers]
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  7. dragonfly

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    Like everything else that comes from that locale! BS!
    Fertilizer capitol of the WORLD!
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  8. chelloveck

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    Like the Kennedy assasination......

    The Obama "attempted assasination" will have its own mythology too. Mythology probably not helped greatly by armchair pundits making false assumptions as to the attempted assailent's knowledge and competency with firearms, basing their judgements on what they would do, given their own knowledge and competency, rather than the shooter's.

    That may be the effective battle range in the case of aimed shots at a human sized target with the prospect of causing a potentially lethal wound, but when the target is the size of the White House, and with a magazine of rounds sent in its direction...it is plausible that at least one round could have hit the building. Not a very efficient method of assasination....but the shooter didn't seem to be very effectual at his supposed mission.

    it makes for a good conspiracy theory, but then again, it just may actually be a case of a nutter with a gun brassing off at the White House.

    Don't underestimate the ability of a sight impaired person to gain information about their world by a greater reliance on their other senses.

    The "blind" person may have identified the reporter as a woman by her scent...(perfume, or perhaps that special scent that women sometimes try to conceal when they are in menstrus) Perhaps she spoke or made some sound when startled...or just maybe he copped a feel of some soft and voluptuous part of her person. Often a "blind" person's acuteness of sense of smell, touch and hearing are such as to detect facts about their world that a sighted person would not notice, if they could detect them at all.
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