Whitney Houston Found Dead

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    On Saturday, Houston's publicist confirmed to the Associated Press that the award-winning "I Will Always Love You" singer died. She was 48. The timing of her death, the eve of the Grammys, the biggest music event of the year, makes the horrible news even more tragic. According to CNN, Houston was pronounced dead at 3:55 p.m. PT at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.
    The Beverly Hilton is the venue for the music industry's most prestigious pre-Grammy party hosted by veteran executive Clive Davis, who discovered Houston.
    In an industry flooded with novelty artists, who disappear after scoring one hit, Houston's longevity was unquestioned when she released her debut single, the ballad "You Give Good Love" in February 1985. The song's soothing opening ad-libs displayed her soulful roots while also celebrating her pop sensibilities.

    Houston's sound was distinct, and clearly separated her from the funk-laden stylings of the era's other female R&B singers. Plus, she was a model who appeared in "Glamour" and "Cosmopolitan" magazines.
    Houston's sound made sense when considering her pedigree. She was the perfect melding of the styles of her mother, gospel singer Cissy Houston; cousin, 1960s pop singer Dionne Warwick; and godmother, queen of soul Aretha Franklin.
    Houston's self-titled debut album topped the charts and was certified diamond. Her career was impenetrable throughout the release of several follow up albums, 1987's "Whitney," 1990's "I'm Your Baby Tonight," and 1992's "The Bodyguard" soundtrack.

    Houston's fans were concerned when she married R&B bad boy Bobby Brown in 1992, but they professed their happiness.
    By the late 1990s, Houston's drug problems began to become tabloid fodder. In a 2002 interview with ABC's Diane Sawyer, Houston admitted to her struggles, but maintained that she was doing fine.
    The public received its first real glimpse of Houston behind-the-scenes in 2004 when she appeared on Brown's reality series "Being Bobby Brown." The bad publicity move depicted Houston as profane, combative, and delusional, seemingly supporting the behavior of someone on drugs.
    Among the saddest indications of Houston's fall was her 2009 comeback album, "I Look To You." While the album received positive reviews, her live performances signaled that the damage to her voice was beyond repair.

    Concertgoers stormed out of her 2010 "Nothing But Love World Tour" angry, complaining that Houston was not fit to sing live, and they demanded that their ticket costs be refunded.
    On stage, Houston made light of her vocal struggles, and even seemed to be confident when doing so.
    But the public scrutiny intensified, and was followed by additional stints in rehab.
    While the cause of death has not yet been revealed, one can only wonder whether it was drug-related.
    Anyone who remembers Houston's early work and the impact it had on music can only be saddened by her death.
    I extended condolences to her family and friends, especially her daughter, Bobbi Kristina.
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    Pity...Great voice...All the press chap's my _ _ _
    Where are the media vulture's when our soldiers need them...
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    I mourn the loss of the talent, and applaud the reduction of addict population by one.
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    In the greater scheme of things...Why does it matter to me and Why do I care..
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    I care.

    One less vote for Obama next time around.
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    What a shame to lose your life because of white powder. So many very talented artists have let themselves fall into addiction. IMO dealers should be strung up from the nearest lamp post or shot in the streets. That is how they were handled in China after the revolution.
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    I'm having a moment of silence. Followed bye singing all the Whitney Houston songs I know.

    Problem is I can't think of any.

    I am sure a f** can give me a list so I can get started.
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    I look at the images of this beautiful woman who possessed such an enormous musical talent and I feel nothing but sadness for the life lost, the voice we will no longer hear, the mother who will be absent from her daughter's life, and the frail human being who might someday have been able to overcome the demons that possessed her soul. At times, we all have our own private hell to endure but we're among the lucky ones who haven't died yet because of our weaknesses.
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