Who agrees with my beliefs?

Discussion in 'Tin Foil Hat Lounge' started by thepatriot1976, Jun 22, 2008.

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    Interesting do they let you near the computer when you've taken your Meds or as the movie title say "Is this as good as it gets ?" ?

    But just to entertain you and give the nurse a few minutes of peace and quiet I'll play .

    1) Nope the Holy rollers been claiming that for how many centuries ?

    2) Yes and no there was an Army Air Corp officer who predicted the Pearl Harbor attack 20 years prior to it happening . You can occasionally catch the movie about his life on TV it had Gary Cooper in the lead role . Ask your doctor if you can watch it , I wouldnt want it upsetting you .

    The real reason we became involved in WWII was as usual money . Major defense contractors were selling equipment to England and the German U-Boats would sink the ships carrying the equipment in international waters . After too many losses the insurance companies refused to payoff for the Defense Contractors losses which were in the Billions and their owners began pressuring the President to do something and get involved in the war . Have you not ever wondered why not a single Carrier was in Pearl Harbor when the attack came ?

    3) 911 an inside Job is the funniest thing on the list . Nixon couldn't cover up a simple hotel room break in and poor old Billy Clinton couldn't even get a simple BJ without the world knowing about it and you think they could cover something that big up !!

    4) I think you hid your meds under your tongue for weeks pitching them in the trash when you came up with that one .

    5) Same hallucination as 4 at the same time

    6) 6 ,7 ,8 same as 4 and 5

    9) no between the greed of the American oil companies and the moron environmentalist we have high gas prices when there is NO shortage .

    10) I don't know not a religion expert

    I hope that SSI doesn't go broke any time soon , I can't imagine a loon like you running the streets sleeping on park benches and in sewers .

    You poor retch you , you deserve to be taken care of for the rest of your days in a nice clean quiet hospital .
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    If the END TIMES are here, don't you have better things to do than be posting here? [ROFL]
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    It's threads like this and attitudes like yours that have, for all intents and purposes, driven me away from a place I used to thoroughly enjoy.

    Your proselytizing is strident and offensive. You may be shouting from the mountain but remember, not everyone shares your opinions.

    And.....Please....if you must post, use regular size font! None of us enjoy being shouted at.
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    Belief 1:
    Were in the end times!
    "we seem very near to this point"

    The government has been
    staging terrorist and attack events for a long time to get the support of the people for war going all the way back to the Gulf of Tonkin incident and maybe even allowing the event at Pearl Harbor to happen with prior intelligence to draw us into the war.

    911 was an inside job to get us into campaigns in the middle east including the war with Iraq.
    possible, although i am not in a position to really comment on this one, athough my government are accused of sinilar things"

    The true rulers of the world are referred to as the Illuminati and are made up of globalist elitists such as the Bilderbergs, Rothchild's , Rockafellers , members of the Tri-latteral commission and council on foreign affairs.
    All these groups ( from question 4) are really minions doing the will of the Anti-christ setting up his One World Government and New World Order!
    "yes again"
    They intend to create chaos and riots here in America to imprison and control our populations and keep us from an organized uprising and revolt with the use of home grown terrorist laws and Martial Law!
    F.E.M.A. camps do exist and they will attempt to use them.
    Oklahoma City bombing (oklahoma city being a test to carry out 911), Hurricane Katrina & 911 were all government schills used as an experiment to see how the American people would react to events on a
    small scale so they would know how to respond with their coming evil operations.
    The I.M.F. and world bank are the reason for the high fuel prices and control OPEC. The environmental groups that block drilling are really only funded schills of big oil who are in place to ensure supposed low supply and drive prices through the roof for less drilling and record profits.
    "yes, very possible"

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    I agree with PW, Although I wouldn't put anything past those people up on the hill. Settle down, take some deep breaths and relax. We know, but you have to cool about it. We all agree they are not judicating for the American people.
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    Thought experiment:
    Think: if we believed 100% hardcore in all this stuff, what would be the logical thing to do?

    If you could KNOW.100% confirmed:"They" ARE going to arrest anybody anywhere near this forum IN 3 MONTHS for a noncompliant(bad) attitude. and you WILL be put in a "work camp"( PRISON)to be tortured to death( just to add purpose)with noLEGAL recourse.What would/COULD you do?
    It would be quite reasonable to Quit your job.Sell the house, cars and all your toys and leave the country... or band together to build a heavily fortified camp and sleep in a bunker or guard tower.Taking all that liberated personal wealth and buying military firearms,ammunition and training..because there is no future in 401ks and the life as we have all known it...
    No one here will go this far on what we know today.( boiled frog syndrome) That's why with all of the tough armed revolution talk in the comments section on infowars; Nobody will take that first shot at a deputy sheriff at a dui checkpoint.It'd be pointless. Perhaps a blackwater MP who drags the nice old lady next door out into the street to rape and sodomize would earn personal retribution. but as long as"they" claim Martial law would be"temporary"people will suffer it.After all There is no one place to stick the enema nozzle to fix our problems..
    Answer:(IMHO) the "compound"and heaps of ammunition is a bad idea. Cracking fixed targets Is what the enemy is best at and built to do..better to become an unseen "greyman" i.e. drop off the face of the earth living on the fringes,no credit cards, no accounts, no verichip, no fixed address.And that would suck only slightly less than less than 3 hots and a cot and an evening waterboarding.
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    I lived that way for a few years, it can be quite liberating if you are not tied down.
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    Interesting, perhaps I was too quick to type that last. I was thinking more of the unwashed hungry "homeless"alcoholic than, A self sufficient goat farm in the hills...but I can even see the positive side too the "super tramp" lifestyle...You probably have alot of interesting strengths,knowledge and experiences. Perhaps you'd be willing to pass some along?
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    Partial agreement on number 1.
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    Idiotic at best. Forget the Pearl Harbor conspiracy crap too. Get educated, don't feed the monster.

    http://www.popularmechanics.com/scie...tml?page=5&c=y<!-- google_ad_section_end -->
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    Quig, why did you have to go and bump this thread? I had to go back and read the first post, and I am sure I lost a few brain cells just reading that pile of...[flush]
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    just feeding the monster again....ololololol
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    QS, THANK YOU for posting the PM link. I read that article. There was also a TV show based on the article. But as I've said in other postings, the people who believe these conspiracies will not accept evidence.

    I am not saying that our government is spotless. I know there have been cover-ups, but come on. USE YOUR MINDS PEOPLE! It's ironic that the conspiracy crown calls the American public "sheeple", when they themselves blindly follow any tin-foil-hat-wearing Nostradumbass.
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    Now my head hurts!
    A long thread to say: yup your nuts alrighty!
    Personally I happen to LOVE conspiracies, they dont get soggy in milk, like corn flakes!
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    [beer] Tango3, my friend, I never ever thought I would hear you say anything remotely positive about waterboarding. [lolol][lolol]
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