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    That would be a good challenge for some of our members talented in the writers' art - take the biographical sketches from this thread, and information gleaned from past postings to flesh out the characters, and construct a short survival-themed story; or maybe even something along the lines of "And Then There Were None"/"Ten Little Indians." It would be interesting to find out who the villain is.
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    I grew up in a tiny town in Montana on a small ranch where we had cow's, pigs, rabbits and a big garden. I spent most of my youth taking care of all of that, splitting wood and mowing yards for the old ladies in town. Dad was an avid fisherman and hunter and taught me many things before I ever had the mandatory hunter safety class for my first license!!! I could track an animal like nobody I knew and that led to a lot of meat on the table. When I was around 12 or so my dad started sending me up to his friends ranch to work the summers. He was a Vietnam vet that was soft spoken but never minced words with small talk. To this day, I think of him when I describe myself. Pretty quite when I need to be, but can take over the room when I want. He was a hell of a mentor and I miss his guidance from time to time.

    I have learned a lot over my 40 plus years- but I will have to give it to all here on the Monkey- you all are teaching me more everyday. I am very opinionated and pointed in my remarks from time to time, it is nice to hear other voices with the same point of view as I have, from my fox-hole!!!
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    Short survival themed story?!?!o_O

    With THIS line of characters, we could do a full feature film with sequals and probably even a complete merchandise line!!

    I can see the ads now........Monkey SHTF pants, GUARANTEED not to rust, bust, or gather dust because these bad boys are HIGH SPEED LOW DRAG!
    Monkey b.o.b.'s, holds more than a pickup truck......are you monkey enough to handle it?
    Monkey shotguns, Criminals shoot themselves when they see a monkey aimed their way!!
    Monkey parachutes, Cuz aint nothin greater than a monkey jumping out of an airplane!

    okay so I maaaaaay have thought more about the merchandising than the movie but like you said, that would be up to some of our members talented in the writers' art to pen the screenplay.
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    I vote for Monkey parachutes!!! The ones we used to use were crap- I really hate falling faster than my compadres!!!
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