Who drinks "Raw Milk"

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  1. kckndrgn

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    Anyone here drink raw milk?

    Raw milk movement grows amid push to ease regulation | Fox News

    It's illegal for human consumption in TN, but farms sell it as "pet food" or via "Cow Shares" With my sons recent diagnosis of severe allergies, we've been taking a good hard look at his diet and one of the changes I wanted to make was to switch to raw milk.
    Apparently the legislators in TN seem to think they know what's best for you.

    I grew up on raw milk, having to skim the cream (or mix it back in) before pouring. Always got it in 1 gallon jars from the farmer down the road, never knew what my parents paid for it, but I think it was bartered.
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  2. HK_User

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    I drink raw milk!

    Legal in my state and I also consume some great cheese from the same dairy.

    7 Bucks a gallon and worth every cent. I just wish they sold it in quarts.
  3. ditch witch

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    I would if I could find it!
  4. Motomom34

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    I would if it was available. Don't know any farmers. I saw farmageddon and then knew, raw milk must be really good for you. I really think they like to keep us sickly.

  5. ditch witch

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    We always drank it at my grandparent's house because they had a dairy. They'd send one of us kids to the parlour with a gallon jug and we'd draw it right off the chiller. Haven't had raw milk since they sold the farm back in the early 90s. Used to be a small dairy up south of Amarillo that sold it but they went out of biz several years ago.
  6. kckndrgn

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  7. -06

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    Have a bud with two beautiful Jerseys and another with a herd of Nubians. Get it every chance I can. We used to have a neighbor we got it from and made our own butter all the time. Was reared on a dirt road farm and we drank our cow's milk all the time.
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  8. Gator 45/70

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    I have never tasted better biscuits than those made from the cream off the top of raw milk.
  9. Dunerunner

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    I would, but casein (a protein in milk and many other products) is still in the Raw stuff, just like the pasteurized... Just trying to get real Primal!! :D
  10. oldawg

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    Local grocery here sells it. Been drinking it all my life,love it and I ain't dead yet.
  11. VHestin

    VHestin Farm Chick

    I saw Farmageddon too, wasn't surprised either. Was mad at their harrassment of families. The beginning, where the mom was talking about the raid on her house, I think the Feds were VERY lucky that the mother wasn't armed at the time.
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  12. oil pan 4

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    I know this is an old thread but it might be worth knowing that tuberculosis can be transmitted through raw milk.
    So unless you know exactly where its coming from its actually a pretty stupid thing to do. It is exceptionally dangerous to the very young, old and those with compromised immune systems.
    For example in NM my wife sees virtually all the tuberculosis cases that come in are from the illegal alien migrant workers. And what is one of the favorite places for them to work? Dairy.
    When I worked at the worlds largest cheese plant we had quite a few people that used to work at dairies, the subject of drinking raw milk was brought up one day and the mention of it truly disgusted the former dairy workers. The disgusted look on their faces was all I needed to see and that was before I leaned about the milk/TB vector.
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  13. T. Riley

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    In Texas? Is the store a chain?
  14. Motomom34

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    I did not know that. So are you saying that the worker can spread tb by handling the milk?
  15. oil pan 4

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    If the worker could be exposed to the raw milk then transmission is possible, but modern milk collection contamination is a lot less likely given modern collection methoids. It is possible but not likely. I am thinking more along the lines of the workers give the cow TB and the circle of life continues. By the time the illegal workers come to the hospital they are usually coughing up blood which means they are furiously contagious. Left untreated it is effectively gangrene of the lungs.
    Depending on state regulation I believe most states require raw milk be bottled at the dairy and some states require the raw milk cows be tested for TB, the states that do it seem to like the annual test.
    The primary way TB is transmitted is from a cow to human is when the cow develops extrapulmonary tuberculosis, then the TB can be in the milk, the cow poo and meat.
  16. Dont

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    Used to get raw milk from a neighbour .. His cow put out much more than his family could use and I was glad to get the surplus.. I don't drink the stuff however I did love the butter I made from it .. Now days I would give making cheese a try.. Hmmm.. I do know of some folks in the area that keep goats.. Will have to look them up soon..

    TB.. Was exposed to it some years back and had to have the frequent blood test and start on antibiotics.. Wasn't from milk!
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  17. oil pan 4

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    A neighbors free range cow, or few free range cows yeah I would do it too.
    A commercial dairy with hundreds if not thousands of cows crammed together in ankle deep in poo in a covered but open pen, I think I will pass.
  18. oldawg

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    Currently buying it(and cheese and butter) at a local farm. Usually see it at the local Brookshiers as well.
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