Who is the Enemy?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Seacowboys, Jun 17, 2007.

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    If it were to come to a fight, who would the enemy be? Would we attack and fight our sons and daughters that serve in the military? Would we attack a bunch of pork-barrel fat politicians? Would we fight some group of corporate goons? I am ready for a revolution but I can't see the enemy. I am afraid that Pogo was right and we'll just end up fighting ourselves.
  2. Tango3

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    'Zactly: Appears to me duking it out with a tyrannical gov in reality boils down to engaging local guard and police( "duke-ing" it out with sheriff andy or your neighbors kid and his patriotic buddies serving under a corrupt command structure. Who are directed to round up people and resources as ordered by local military or fema commander. ( SOMETHING NONE OF US WANTS TO DO NOR WOULD IT FACILITATE THE return to constitutional government....)
    Great topic; " The country needs an enema;Where do we stick the nozzle.????"
    That's why once you get past mack bolan books and the omega man, Ar's, ak's and fn's are cool to have but a bit simplistic and pointless in the grand scheme...Now if we had a million minuteman march on capital hill even with cardboard cutouts of muskets it would probably get more done than assaulting sheriff andy taylor ( poor guy just doing his job as canon fodder )...
    everyone will have a personal line in the sand.

    This is how I envision it( my fictional paprback):Washington will continue to legislate( pass unconstitutional bills without reading them) oneday the guard will nail general orders up on every telephone poll, offering an amnesty period to register or turn in weapons.)Maybe even the requirement to billet a federal trooper(s) in your house like lexington of 1770's( for your protection ofcourse) and read a proclammation over a truck mounted pa andstart knocking on doors.. .Say "NO get off my porch!" and duke it out with a trained equipped fireteam?? Noisy version of suicide. Beat the fire team, they'll bring down a bradley or three.
    I'm coming to believe impeachment isthe only legal and viable answer..Even if it was possible to hold all the corrupt official accountable at the end of a rope, All these "EO's" and acts are still inforc....
    May be a Ron Paul but i just don't see the machine allowing him to shut them out of their own game..with electronic voting machines and no papertrail? Face it the apple is corrupt from the core...
    Withdraw to idaho and draw a a line aroued it and seceed? and face daily b52 strikes,artillery , airborn or tactical missiles.Oncethey can us the worlds most powerfull military against the people?( removal of posse comittatus: which has happened already iirc). guerilla actions`work; we've been on the recieving end of many..
    By the way, I believe advocating the violent overthrow of the government was( is) illegal and i'm sure garnered on a goldstar in the file ..
  3. Clyde

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    As usual you ask the tough questions. I believe the Unintended Consequences method is the only way to achieve some sort of change. Every government employee would need to be so scared that they would want to resign rather than stay in office.

    Alternatively, figure out a way to burn down the House, Senate, and White House to make a point.

    Or both!

    Well, so much for hypothetical patriot (terrorist now?) activities. Domestic enemies are our government's biggest fear just like it was for the Red Coats. If they come to take the guns, many government employees will meet their demise when the second "shot heard 'round the world" begins the next revolution. There are enough hard core guys out there.
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    I'm beginning to think that a "Red Dawn" could actually take place in the USA! Mexico is NOT our friend, and their government has been corrupt for many decades! The narcotics cartels are often "coddled", save for a few arrests from time to time (Maybe those folks didn't pay their "taxes" to the government officials?). Mexico would make a GREAT "staging area" for other USA-hating nations to gather their forces before launching a massive conventional attack across the border! Many MILLIONS of Mexicans that are already in our country, or that have previously worked in the USA, could act as "scouts", since they would know where all of our strategic locations are.

    Who would send troops? Cuba, of course! Venezuela! There would probably be several other Central and South American countries that would join....and they all speak Spanish! There's supposedly a LOT of activity going on in Paraguay, with al Qaeda recruitment and training!

    Is Russia really our friend? China? Would they send troops and/or supplies/equipment to our "enemies" as they HAVE done in the past?

    Back in 1962, just prior to the "Cuban Missile Crisis", Nikita Kruschev was handed two documents: One was a detailed study of how to carry out a pre-emptive nuclear strike on the USA, and the other was a detailed study of a "conventional" troop assault. Kruschev shelved the "conventional" attack, for he was of the belief that every American citizen was well-armed, and such an attack would be too costly in troop losses (Just think of all of the current anti-gun laws AND anti-gun sentiment in the USA!). The nuclear strike was supposedly "amusing" to Kruschev, which was part of the reason why Cuba was clandestinely being armed with nukes. After U-2 spy plane over-flies photographed the massive construction of missile launch areas in Cuba, Kruschev began to re-think the nuclear pre-empt idea, realizing that the nuclear destruction of the USA would ruin the valuable natural resources that the USA had....and, then when JFK called Kruschev's "bluff", Kruschev "blinked".

    Would Putin "blink"? Is it possible that Putin dusted off that "conventional" warfare document that Kruschev was handed? Of course, when Kruschev was in power, it was the USSR....but, would Putin, a former KGB man, have a new, up-dated "conventional" war document put together, with anti-USA nations involved? Perhaps have an "axis of evil" agreement drawn up and secretly shown to nations that are "friendly" with Russia?

    Why is China Hell-bent in constructing new aircraft carriers and other military equipment? What about North Korea? Iran? Heck, is the United Nations organization PRO-USA?

    WHO would be on OUR side? Of course, Great Britain and Australia....and "probably" Canada....but a nuclear "retaliation" by the USA would almost be impossible if many countries combine to attack our shores conventionally! And, where would our "high tech" military equipment be useful in carrying out strikes in the USA?

    OH, I almost forgot! We have the "Homeland Security" folks to rely upon! Uh, maybe it's time for all of us to start practising the yell of "WOLVERINES!"
  5. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    organization of constitutional patriots would be a massive(necessary) step. they can pick us off one family at a time, but once that starts they would not want the word to get out and ( terrorist?)groups to form..tip toe, tip toe...careful. IF and thats a big if The whole "shooting match" gets thrown away,and a full blown ctrl+alt+ del were to take place then they are screwed , guerilla's alway win, but ...bloody, nasty, painful,torture, imprisonment, executions seige/starvation... cats and dogs sleeping together...real wrath of god stuff...perhaps I 've let my imagination get the best of me.

    an invading foreign power presents an easy answer to the original question, the tough one isd when .gov is somehow in cahoots and UN troopers are legally requested to restore "order"...
  6. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

  7. Seacowboys

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    The fact is that we are already on the books as dissidents and subversives just by not happily following the rest of the sheep to slaughter. We are also encompassed in the definition of mentally unbalanced and might even be labeled as domestic terrorist for just discussing such a topic. It's the other side of that coin that reads " to the victor go the spoils". The victor writes the history books and we are already on a read chapter. We can't fight planes and tanks with sporting weapons and they know that; that's why we can be disappeared for simply considering the alternative means of doing battle. You can be sure that every red-flag condor has is waving over this thread and every other one that we visit because it is now a criminal conspiracy to even discuss the over-throw of a government, even though the founding fathers left us armed for just such an event. There is the paradox; the catch-22.
    I think the idea of an unarmed march on Washington is a good first step.
  8. ghrit

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    I can do that.[winkthumb] You reckon the NRA or GOA will get the word out for us? National exposure will be critical to anything remotely resembling successful. 20 guys showing up will simply be 20 arrests/detainments.[booze]
  9. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    what would be the issue for the 30 second sound bites? To the sheeple fema orders consfiscating weapons ammunition, food and water or property are Good things..King george declaring himself "deciderer" is good too; 'at least the gov is taking care of me... baaaaahhhh..[sheep][sheep][sheep][dunno]
    Alex is a nut,,,the gov would never do anything illegal...unless they really had to.So its probably good to let them do what they Need to do
    walmart is good; working in a corporation bought my bass boat...baaaahhh.[sheep][gun][sheep]

    20 or 1000: Excuse me sir, what are you all protesting ? The unconstitutional consolidation of power by the executive, ma'm .
    "The what?"
    Tonight on the cbs evening news:
    Paris Hilton "forgot" her panties again at a classy nightspot on sunset boulevard.
    (cue katie to uncrosslegs and flip her hair subltly)[CRC]

    Also in the nations capital:
    1000conspiracy nuts in tricornered hats, paper mache muskets and whiskey filled powder flasks marched on washington today, they were stopped and detained before reaching the mall for security searches and for the lack of a permit to demonstrate.
    Alcohol was involved... . And the paper mache muskets were created from 100 pounds of pulverized child pornography pictures. [own2]

    Rick Roberts is sitting in for michael savage raging against the amnesty bill/nau as I'm typing
    Rick just said"This country is on the verge of a revolution caused by the government!!"
  10. Seacowboys

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    maybe your right, Tango. We should just all surrender without a fight. All is lost and gather our baskets to pick up the crumbs. We don't need slave labor camps; already slaves to the system and the corporation wins again. The problem is, that some of us are just too bull-headed to know when to quit and I suppose that includes me. I intend to fight to my last gasping breath. I will lobby, vote, speak out, demonstrate, argue, preach, advocate, spend money for others that do the same, and yes, fight, if necessary. I enjoy my life and all its adventures and I have a great quality of life that I appreciate beyond belief. History has already recorded many of my life's events and the final chapter still is to be written, maybe tomorrow, maybe the next day; it will come. The die have been cast. This war will not be won by martyrs, but rather sub-rosa. Profit is god and we can kill god as simply as refusing her currency.
  11. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    I wuz jest trying to inject alittle levity in a thread that was becoming morose and possibly criminal...I dunno man,. I was reading the brown thing and watching the latest marshalls briefing. I question my information and will probably waffle until there are bradleys marshalling at the corner of cty s and main..Out my front window.
    I could pack up and head to plainfield N. H. tomorrow but something
    stops me: minor league cojones? years of indoctrination? Wrong issue?
    refuse her currency... or a general nationwide strike.
  12. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    The monkey wrench in the great machine will be peak oil...then when kbr folkshow up at your local community kitchen with plates in hand
    ( because we are all equal again...you can tell em "sorry,not enough to go around today, bring a hoe, be at the soy field tomorrow at daybreak put in a good days work and maybe there'll be something in the pot for you too.
  13. Clyde

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    I have always thought a million gun nuts marching peacfully with wooden AR -15 cutouts would be an eye opening event. I would go and take others with me. If we could combine efforts and get more than that number to converge on DC, it would make a real statement about how the real "standing" army is far greater in power than all the tanks, planes and bombs they could drop on us.

    Oh well, now that I am on all the watch lists, I guess I better load up the guns to be ready for the home invasion.
  14. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    Well clyde patriotism is a hell of a responsibility ......I get motivated when I question what kind of country we are leaving our kids...We are caretakers; not owners of this idea and its history...Relax Clyde, we'll merely be hauled before a fed magistrate; they'll present this thread as evidence we need mental adjustment, taking away our rights to own firearms . I love the smell of electroshock in the morning, smells like grinding teeth and ozone.( that ain't real funny is it?)
  15. Seacowboys

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    Necessity breeds the strangest allies.
  16. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    bullfrog is just packin his lunch for the day...
  17. Seacowboys

    Seacowboys Senior Member Founding Member

    or not...
  18. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    they'll eat alot more than flies... went on a frog collecting expedition as a kid we had 15 or so frogs in a bucket with one really large bullfrog next morning there were 12 and the bullfrog, then 10 , 8, 5,3 let the mean fat bASTID go 15 small frogs were more fun to play with than one big fat lazy one...wonder if that's how the pages on the hill feel about ted kenedy??
  19. ozarkgoatman

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    IMHO the enemy is all around us. They are the ones that beg .gov to do something. Anytime something bad happens they are begging to have rights, YOURS AND MINE, taken away and .gov is more than happy to take care of them. The enemy is the welfare cases, the people on SSI, the farmers getting their farm welfare, corperations getting their tax breaks/insentives/corperate welfare, and all the others with their hands out wanting their fare share. In other words the enemy is your and mine niegbors, these are the true enemies. The ones that demand something be done instead of demanding that the Consitition be followed to a T. The ones that have never read the Consitition nor have any idea what it says or means. These are the enemies we really need to conccer ourselves with. Without changing the hearts and minds of Americans you can not change the derection that this country is on for the long term. [2c]

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