Who works from home here on this board

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  1. hank2222

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    Who works from home here on this board

    what type of items do you need

    here is what i have allready



    protable usb scanner unit ..this use also can send faxs if need be

    highspeed internet connection up 25mb speed download ..

    is there anything else do i need to work in my home office

    i ran into a old friend over the weekend and inturn i made a comment about needing work come dec time frame.. he me to call him in the next couple of months and he lay out the rest of the poject to me ..

    i was told that i can work any time day or night or evening to do the work but the job is a work at home job with 3 days a week ..

    so does anyone else do at home work ..
  2. beast

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    lol, i do but it aint office work
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  3. Falcon15

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    I work around the house, looking for a job. Wish I could help.
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  4. VisuTrac

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    work from home? It really depends on the type of work that needs to be done. Running a cnc machine in your garage / work shop is different from doing Computer Aided Design.

    I work from home a few times a month. With gas prices going up it going to be more like once a week or more.

    But I create software for the services industry. So all i need is a laptop and an internet connection (anything that's not dialup or satellite) that doesn't have too much latency. And i can get that off site like at the Bigby Coffee shop or the local library if necessary.

    25Mb? Holy crap doing online video editing?

    1.5 Mb is more than sufficient but then again, it depends on what you are doing for work.

    I don't need a phone, i've got skype
    don't need a fax as most of the stuff is converted to electronic .PDFs or is conducted by email.

    I use the VPN to access files on work servers either to check out existing projects or check in my current work.

    The work will dictate what you will need.

    I'll give you one word of advice though. Make sure you have a quiet place to work without interruption like phone,kids,spouse,dog, ...etc.

    If you decide to try and take a home office deduction, the IRS is pretty particular on the area being only used as a home office and not a multi-use area. Know a few consultants/independents that had to fight the IRS on that. About 50/50 on outcome.

    If it's computer work. Save early, save often.
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  5. Hispeedal2

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  6. UGRev

    UGRev Get on with it!

    I worked from home for almost 5 years.

    high speed connection.
    TWO computers
    Smart phone
    All in one printer.
    wi-fi router
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  7. hank2222

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    the work is doing basic researching for him and his company the fastest speed set up for video face to face meeting time with him..

    my place is quiet and there is no kids or family ..he trying out a idea about useing retired personal to do some of the video security work that he does to have a fresh set of eyes on the program that he does for the law enforcement dept's he has contracts with

    i do not know about the home office deduction thanks for the tip plus he said i would get paid top dollar for the work i do ..

    thank UGRev for the info abou the shedder unit ..i pick up one in the next couple of days.
  8. RightHand

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    In addition to working at client offices, I have worked from home for years. Everything you list has value but the two most important things required are self-discipline and a clock. The self-discipline gets you started each day and the clock reminds you when it is time to call it quits. When you are on a roll, the tendency is to keep on working and before you know it, you're working, eating at you desk, and sleeping.

    One thing to remember, if you are looking at self-employment as opposed to being an employee working from home, self-employment tax is a killer. You may not have a lot of business deductions which will drive up the earning from the self-employment 0 15.3% SE tax before income tax. Make sure you have a dedicated work space to qualify for the home office deduction and keep good records. Keep a separate bank account for the business and draw X dollars paid to you and deposited in your personal account. Pay all business expenses out of the business account - it saves a lot of time and effort to isolate business expenses. Calculate the percentage of your home dedicated to work space then write a check every month from the business account for that percentage of phone, heat, electricity, etc.

    Set up a SEP

    Calculate a pro-forma tax liability in late November, early December so you can determine if you should spend extra money for deductible business supplies and equipment

    And don't forget, buy a clock
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  9. Seacowboys

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    When I am estimating a project, I often work from home. I have a home recording studio that I also use for making presentations and such. Most of my actual work involves considerable time in the field and I have an office at our Shorebase but I only live a mile from work so it doesn't really matter that much if I am here or at home; I can be here very quickly, if needed on site. The office is convienant for meeting clients and vendors but I prefer serious client negociations be conducted either at lunch or at the house.
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  10. Nadja

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    I do , I do ! After retiring from Framing about 6 years ago, I started cutting and polishing petrified wood , which I supplied to about 30 stores all over the southwest. Got tired of all the driving and wearing out cars, so sell strictly on my websites and ebay now. Not real good money, but buys hot dogs etc. SS pays the bills, barely and my rocks feed me somewhat..
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  11. BTPost

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    I have a unique employment contract. My employer PAYS "Me" to LIVE here, 24/7/365, gives me Health and Retirement benefits. Pays for my Food, Energy and Housing. Now understand, I do NOT get paid a lot. More like just a little, but after Mommas Healthcare, and Taxes, I net less than one KBuck a month. I just have very few expenses. Basically, I pay for my Long Distance Telco, and my Internet Service. I get 3 weeks Paid Vacation/Year, and my JOB is to LIVE HERE, and run the Fuel, Store, and Mail/Freight Once a week, when the Cannery is closed, from Sept 15th to May 1st. It took 25 years, in the Biz, to get this job, and I will have it until I either, DIE, or get to feeble to walk around the place. Life is good for Me and Momma... ...... YMMV.....
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    he is now retired from the federal side of law enforcement with alot of the officers beening sued over things his company is hired by the dept's to look over the tapes to see if there is a problem and where the problem begin..

    he know's that i have a form of Dyslexia that let me see things in a diff light than a normal person because of the way my brain is wired ..so he want someone who is looking at the picture in a diff light and who has basic law enforcement background to understand what the officer or officer;s are going through at the time to check out the tape's that the dept send to him as a second or third option on the case ..

    for he and i have worked togerther in the past and he used to think my way of thinking and looking at a crime scene bordered on the stange vodoo thinking .. but 99.percent of the time i was right when i asked the question about something i saw that did not fit inside the picture ..

    so he been looking for people like me who can think in a diff way and set down and look at something and go there is this or that in the picture and why is there ..
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    Hank this a a family friendly area of the forum... be careful using 4 letter words like w*rk... if might upset some folks...;)
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  14. Ajax

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    I would suggest a comfortable chair and desk, a personal and work PC and a dedicated area you can set up to work from. Other than that just mimic the devices you use in a office at home, printer phone etc.

    Make sure you get out and do things when your not working at least every now and then, IMO working from home all the time and not interacting with people can make you lonely, especially if you are single already.
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