Who Would The World Elect For The President Of The US

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mountainman, Nov 20, 2007.

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    Ron Paul wins Latest Zogby Poll

    Ron Paul has won the latest nationwide Zogby Poll. Based on the tabular data provided by Zogby, Ron Paul took the top spot with a commanding 32.8% of the policy based ‘blind-bio’ poll. The results are based on a non-bias, three-question set and the typical scientific polling methodology of sampling, interviewing, weighting and sampling error, or margin of error. Zogby is given permission by the sponsor of the poll to release the polling data to the press, but Zogby may or may not release the poll by the Thanksgiving Holiday.

    $4,500 dollars was paid by the sponsor, Alex Jones, for the Zogby poll. Zogby requires an additional fee for a press release, but the sponsor is considering this service in addition to its own reporting. They are considering paying for another poll through Mason-Dixon or Rasmussen to demonstrate that Ron Paul can win polls when they aren’t bias.

    The predominant group targeted by the phone polling was hard-line Republicans. The biographies of the candidates were simple and issue-substantiated and provided by Zogby. The war was the defining issue and people overwhelmingly support bringing the troops home from Iraq, with 49% wanting immediate withdrawal, 41% want to stay the course and 10% were unsure.

    In the blind-bio poll, which is used to derive issues and policies of the candidates without the nameplate, Ron Paul is the big winner based on policies with a 32.8% share with Giuliani following at 18.6%. Over 70% of respondents reported that they do not use YouTube, Facebook or MySpace displaying that this is not the ‘Internet Support’ we often hear about. The demographics show strong and balanced support in both rural and urban areas and in all age groups.

    These results mirror polling from debates and on-line where Paul consistently wins when the issues are discussed.

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    I wonder if they let the people know who they picked after the fact. I would imagine a lot of folks still believe the slanted crap attached to the name that has come from a lot of MSM outlets.

    I know there is one of the guys on another board I spend time on that KEEPS dogging on Paul and his only real thing he seems to figure is so horrible is that he is an 'isolationist' and he cant seem to comprehend that this isnt close to true. Though I wonder if someone else didnt hit the root of it in that the guy is apparently a Fed gov employee and is afraid that if RP gets in office his job may be in jeprody and finds that to be moreimportant than the other issues at stake.
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    Hard line republicans ? Oh you mean the same brain dead people that voted for bush to begin with and gotten us into this mess ? And to think.... when I was a child I was republican. Thank God I grew up.

    I think republicans should be banned from voting this round. Our country cannot take another round of their intelligent voting.
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    But if not then would get Hitlery and we sure cant afford that especialy with the shape the shrub will leave us in, ripe for a coup desgras from someone like the Dems are running or for that matter most of the Repub field. Lets just hope that Ron Paul is the Republican that gets the nod and beats the Hildabeast.
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    As to the World electing our Prez . . .
    they really don't give a Rat's Patooty who leads US - as long as he doesn't bother THEM - they realize Ron Paul is the one least likely to involve us in other nation's affairs! They appreciate that above all.
    Obama as second is no surprise - they world is still largely Socialist and Liberal at heart.
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