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    For real? they covered this up?????? WHY?

    why did he do it and why cover it up?

    According to eyewitnesses, the 33-year-old suspect, Mourtala Madou, from Niger, beheaded his one-year-old daughter in front of a horrified crowd of commuters at Jungfernstieg station on Thursday April 12, and then stabbed his German girlfriend, the mother of the child.

    Germany’s largest newspaper, Bild, report on the death of the mother of four, without mentioning the details regarding the barbaric murder of her child by a Muslim migrant
    The suspect allegedly stabbed the infant from behind, while she was sitting in her stroller, and then severed her neck. He then allegedly stabbed his girlfriend in the chest before fleeing the scene, dumping the murder weapon in a train station trash can. He was later arrested The woman, a mother of four other children, later died at hospital of her injuries.
    Video footage has been uploaded to the internet showing the aftermath of the brutal and senseless double murder that was described as “very targeted” by police spokesman Timo Zill and an “honor killing” by witnesses. The victims bodies can be seen in the video but not their faces. Eyewitnesses can be heard saying that the suspect cut the babies head off.

    GERMANY: Angela Merkel’s fascist government has banned German media from reporting on a Muslim migrant who beheaded his one-year-old baby daughter and stabbed his girlfriend to death
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    Some Liberals want Muslims to kill people, it grants them the ability to feel needed.
    Other Liberals actually believe Muslims are good and it makes them feel warm inside.
    All Liberals ignore reality.
    That's WHY.

    Really? He's Muslim. There's this thing going on, a Holy War. Been going on for thousands of years. Picking up pace since the CIA started installing dictators and murdering people with brown skin in genocidal rage. You know...jihad? Plus, they're being INVITED in to murder at will.
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    So fake news said that Merkel et al did not ban the report of the murder, not that he did not behead his child. Keep your attention in front of the curtain at all times. Papers even state that they normally don't report tje race or religion, etc, but this case was such that they felt compelled to.
    a colored crazy man stabs several immigrant children at a birthday party, the media states that it is not a hate crime and it disappears from the stage, Mr Martin, staying at his father's girlfriends house while he is kicked out of school for smoking dope, is prowling around in the dark, smoking dope, attacks a crime watch member who he out weighs and is killed for his troubles is still in the news years later. The modern mantra for the mass media should be, "All the news that fits our agenda" and not the usual company line about truth etc.
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    i don't mean to be insensitive but the more they kill each other the fewer we have to deal with later. Imagine if that 1 year old did grow up with a father like that -- I don't think you would want your wife or daughter to run into them in a dark alley. Because women do not commit terrorism as much as the men it does not mean they will not or have not.

    Because many of the countries where rape and assaults happen do not want to blame the immigrants they do not report the information like age or country of origin I think if they did we would see very young men involved in these crimes.
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    Insensitive is putting it mildly. Not all children take after their parents nor do they embrace the ways of their family. Mercy killing is a real thing because many young Muslim children grow up and shun their heritage. Many Muslim children want to be normal German or American kids, having no desire to feel the hate their parents do. That one year old many have grown up to be a great humanitarian but he never got a chance.
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    So Sweden is not really having a rape crisis ? and crime assault and murder is lower in all those countries now that they embraced the middle eastern immigrants ?. he may have grown up to be another Osama Bin Ladin I am sure those almost 3,000 people burning to death and force to jump from the towers because the heat was melting their flesh would agree with you. How about the billions wasted on security because of just a few people like the shoe bomber, I like the fact that every public affair looks like a police convention because of people like the amerlan, Tsarnaev, 26, and his brother Dzhokhar, 19 such nice kids killed 3 and 264 injured. 911 2001 ---2.996 and 6,000 injured an additional 125 killed at the pentagon. one was a friend of mine. so if you think I am insensitive I'll wear that label with pride. since those days almost 11,000 soldiers have died their children will never know their parents their partners will grieve for years how many of those children will be ruined for lack of parental supervision love and care ? How about 7 trillion dollars wasted. I have not included the opioid crisis and the people who have died directly or indirectly from heroin from Afghanistan.

    NO not all Muslim are terrorist but all terrorists are Muslims everyone has the right to their religion but the place and problems need to be in their own countries.

    If a person drinks poison and dies your asking me to condone and accept it ? their religion is poison what we got into was a civil war between Sunni and Shiites they kill each other without feeling or consideration for their families or children. when they capture a town theline up the "children with the old men and ugly women and shoot them they rape and take and use the other young women and use them as toys. remember Bokoharam took a bunch of children and sole them to ISIS ? Recent fun is to drown them in a cage or douse them with gas and burn them alive. Daniel Pearl was beheaded by sawing with the blade not a clean swift chop.

    Your judging that man by your standards, he acted by his religion and beliefs in the minds of "his" fellow man it was his honor, right and duty under certain circumstances to end the lives of his family if she decided to leave the faith with the child, If the child was not his and she kept it from him if she was bad her blood was bad and so the child's by his understanding... so go to any Mosque stick your finger in the Imams face and tell him you don't think their views are right and you expect all of them to straighten up and fly right. please make a video I would pay to see that.

    In for a penny in for a pound feelings will not work in a fight to the death they intent to convert or murder all non muslims.
    They spew it daily teach their children to hate Americans and JEWS ! a baby cobra will kill you just as dead. they have explained clearly that they want the genocide of all Jews the Imams have all stated that the use of any weapons including nukes, chemical or germ warfare was acceptable.even if their people died. now there is love and peaceful for you.

    The day I feel sorry for a piece of dirt that kills his own or a woman that marries one that is trained that women are less than animals and have no rights except those given by their husband or guardian is a fool, I will not shed one tear lose not one second of sleep or raise a finger, not now, not ever. Besides no matter what that child is in heaven it was innocent that child bears no sin of the father or his choices. Children are innocent and it's horrible to mistreat a child but no one could have prevented this, so we are left with the fact ! FACT !that children belong to God and will live forever with God and that child having never sinned now how perfect is that.
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    There is nothing to recommend murder, regardless of who does it, why they do it, or whatever the religious affiliation is of those who do it. I wonder whether those who leap to point the finger at muslims committing murder are as sanguine in leaping to publicise their Christian and Jewish brethren doing likewise...and publicising that nothing is being done about Christians and Jews doing such things? Given that the website that the OP article is sourced from a site called "Bare Naked Islam", holding Christians and Jews (and their respective communities) to account for such events is not part of BNI's schtick.

    Muslims are not the only faith belonging to the Abrahamic three ringed circus tent that have elements prone to believing that they killing for their god.

    The Long List of Killings Committed by White Extremists Since the Oklahoma City Bombing

    Is There a Christian Double Standard on Religious Violence?

    Terror charges filed against Israeli who dreamed of ‘decapitating’ Arab babies

    It's not that I hold the Islamic faith in particular esteem, just that demonising muslims in their entirety works best for those who would exploit and manipulate those who are susceptible to fear and hatred of 'other'.

    Violence in the Name of God
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    Not to cut it too fine but, your post expose your belief that all spiritual thought is depraved and your view is Transhumanism. I hate to put it so bluntly but your wrong, non spiritual science has placed mankind on the earth for anywhere from 70,000 years to 250,000 years in all that time there has been NO large groups that did not kill one another for war greed hate or food NONE. so if your waiting on the evolution of man to happen tomorrow or in your lifetime your barking mad. You and your kind will fall for anything that excludes a creator or eternal entity. Millions have died from that failed reality of socialism communism Maoism Leninism Marxism Nazism but you still can't see it or that they murdered children how about the Czar's children are you one that denies the Holocaust ? now that is blindness.

    Anything I do that is negative I am forced into it is not by my nature or my desire to harm rule or impose my will over anyone, even if I do not agree with a persons lifestyle it is not my place to make them comply to my way of life. That being if things are respectful, but once their views and will expects me to give in or change to appease them --NO We have rules and laws although I am a Christian if you want to kill your unborn, go for it but, do not ask me to condone it, If you want to riot and burn things I suggest start with your stuff first, if you have nothing then my stuff is sacrosanct If you are one that thinks the world is over populated please be the first to exit to be an example to others that think that way. if you do not like a government go to a country that has one you do like. Your not converting me to your way of thinking and your just as wrong thinking that people without any faith or as yourself do not murder or go to war or hate or any of the other nasty human traits. Your not immune, your not special or above anyone by your morals or lack there of, your view of society science politics, sexual preferences or car you drive your a human with all it's problems vices and decent attributes no more no less and when you die your ashes will not be finer ground or your bones whiter the dirt fluffy or your casket more comfy because if it were then you would be special. L Ron Hubbard thought he was special they are still waiting on a message he said he would give from beyond --so he's not special.

    Cynics and cynicism can be useful but not as a religion, or a better topic of conversation because it's a religion, just as all the"ism's" mentioned. I had a conversation with a person that believed aliens were millions of years ahead of us and seeded man on earth or genetically improved apes, so I asked who created apes, the aliens the cosmos and all the elements that made their ships fly so fast ? I'm still waiting on that answer.
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    Someone this weekend tried to get me to buy the analogy that religions were nothing more then book clubs. Each club had their own interpretation. Plus each novel (Bible, Koran etc) had a different hero. All I could say was that I never heard of book clubs going to war with each other.
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    I don’t know Moto. The Oprah bookclub seems ready to go to war with the Bill OReily bookclub lately!
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    Thank you ochit
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    Thank you for showing what kind of person chelloveck is,sorry.
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    Japan has the right idea.
    Japanese Official: "Are you Muslim?"
    Muslim: "Allah Akbar...yes."
    Japanese Official: "Denied entry. Exit left, go back where you came from."
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    [LMAO] Oprah's book club is so snooty. They read those books that are supposedly deep and life changing.

    Whoops! I think I just passed judgement.
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    She's a socialist moron. Like all the Libs. Now that's passing judgment. ;)
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    I do think we should try to remember that not all Muslims are hardline fanatics. I understand that this is like saying not all Germans were Nazis, which is true, but in someway, small or large, by association they carry a portion of the guilt, if for nothing else by not standing against them...but some did and died. However, this has happened throughout history under all forms of tyrannical leadership. I mean, someone did Stalin dirty work for him and no one put a bullet in his head so does that make the Russian people themselves guilty of the mass murders and deportation under his leadership? All Germans guilty for Hitler's handiwork? All Americans for slavery and extermination of indigenous native Americans? Where do we draw the line? Or, are there specific individuals, the doers, carrying out the policies dictated by these nightmarish leaders who are the guilty parties?

    My point is simply, there have been Muslims speaking out against the fanatics, perhaps not as loud (or covered by media) as we would like but it is happening. And, not all Muslims like or believe in what is happening.

    @ochit "So Sweden is not really having a rape crisis ? And, crime assault and murder is lower in all those countries now that they embraced the middle eastern immigrants?"

    I think this is more a case of stupid government throwing open the doors and allowing anyone to come into their country. Let's face it, it will be the poorest of the poor, with zero education, who has nothing to give up or lose, are going to be the ones to hot-foot it all the way North to Sweden for a free crust of bread or handout...non-professionals who only know how to dig a ditch which Sweden doesn't need so what happens? And, let's not forget this includes criminals, low-life's, the bottom tier...who also only know one way of making a living, preying off others, and since they see Swedish crime enforcement carries no where near the repercussions of their old country, so to them it's: Game On!
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    Agree, not all Muslims are evil or bad. However, it would seem there are a significant number who are.

    Islam by the Numbers
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    I saw a video the other day , it was the President of Poland, being interviewed by someone from an EU country asking how many migrants they have taken in. His answer was ,,,,None ,,,, 0 ,,, Zero ,,,, and because of his not taking in migrants ,, their crime and rape statistics have not risen like it has in the country’s that have taken them in. He mentioned the fact about the number of men versus women migrants. If the men cared about the betterment of their family, why did they leave their wives and family behind ?? So my belief is right along with Poland,,,,keep them out. If they go through the proper channels to immigrate,, they’re more likely to assimilate,, otherwise,, they’re going to more than likely bring trouble with them ,,, this is my belief.
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    I will have to try and watch this video later. I have a very hard time watching anything that starts out with Dumbo and the Hildabeast .
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