Whole Egg Powder

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    Hi everyone, I want to post a notice to members about the supply of Emergency Essentials #10 cans of Whole Egg Powder that I recently purchased from a liquidated local business. These are all new and fresh product, with production dates of 2/11/2016 or later. I know these have been very expensive lately and wanted to share my good fortune. I always believe that the more people we can get prepared before SHTF, the less we will have to support after.

    *** Update: Only 18 cans ( 3 Cases) remaining! ***

    Here's the deal:
    I'm selling a case (6 #10 Cans) for $198 - $33 per can
    single cans are $39
    All include free shipping

    Cases of 6 cans:

    Single cans:

    Thanks and keep prepping!
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