Whole Foods, Organic Vallet, and Stoneyfield farm caves

Discussion in 'The Green Patch' started by BAT1, Jan 31, 2011.

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    BAT> SB510 passed.... in its entirety.... it didn't pass as originally drafted though.... those turds amended it and combined the worst of HR2749 which included criminalization of seed banking to S510 before shoving it down our throats during that lame duck session, » U.S. Passes Most Restrictive Legislation Yet Against Health Freedom Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!.Bear in mind when reading the article you posted a link to that the RoundUp formulation approved for use in Sweden is not the same formulation used in the US..... the labels look similar in that they both say RoundUp but.... ours is more toxic and the same thing goes for our 2,4 D formulations. Our FDA approved POEA in our RU. That's Polyethoxylated tallowamine and it has an acute lethal dose three times that of glyphosate alone and destroys red blood cells, Acute and sub-lethal toxicity of three POEA surfac... [Bull Environ Contam Toxicol. 2007] - PubMed result.

    Adding.... There is no such thing as a "peaceful coexistence" with GMOs..... it's an oxymoron.
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    So we are going to be felons for saving seeds. Surreal! Destroys red blood cells like Corexit? Great!
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    I don't know that we'll be felons per se just yet but.... who knows what the future holds for us or with the way dominoes keep falling in their favor. Sure looks like family and organic farmers dependent on saving seed year to year trying to avoid the biotech chokehold are gonna be squeezed until they're belly up. If they can't save their seed, they'll have to buy seed from the great and powerful "keepers" of the seeds and of course.... they'll need their herbicides, insecticides, miticides, and fungicides to go with those RoundUp ready seeds. In effect.... we pretty much just backed em into a corner forcing them to buy GE seed from UN "stakeholders". As if that wasn't bad enough, we made the use of their seed saving equipment illegal for all practical purposes and the icing on the cake is the paper work they'll be buried beneath trying to prove their produce is "safe" for consumers. Same thing with local farmers markets. Kiss them all ba bye and along with it any chances we had of buying growth hormone free dairy products like cheeses and milk for our children and elderly. Soon that nice USDA organic label we counted on will get "tweaked" again and again until it means even less than it already does. We can certainly count on irradiation of more of our foods as well as meat and poultry laced with even more antibiotics than what's already in them.... that's the UN's World Health Organization's way.... can we say "harmonization" in unison>>>? I guess this is like the ultimate game of chess and we're in check right now unless millions of us start demanding organic while the organic label still means something. I don't see that happening do you? There's way too many folk out there who truly don't realize the magnitude of what just went down already immersed in another distraction.... the minor win in the FL courts today. Oh BAT.... I could go on... but.... it would destroy our night and we'd end up chasing the wrong demons so better to focus on that which we can change.... what goes in our own mouths.
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    A: Monsanto(and all their cronies) can kiss my fat 'white' *censored*. I really can't stand them. RFD-TV, when we still had TV, Monsanto was a big financial supporter of theirs, and I had to resist throwing something at the screen with their 'WE SUPPORT FARMERS' ads. They get farmers to buy their seeds, but because they're 'modified', you gotta buy a bunch of other Monsanto crap to have a profitable harvest, and so the farmers get sucked into a cycle. And even if you don't use Monsanto, if your neighbor does and Monsanto seeds gets onto your land, you'll get sued. Only thing Monsanto supports is their wallets. B: Friday at the grocery store I was thinking of all the discussions I've been involved lately about GMO/Frankenfoods, pesticides, and such, and it really creeped me out. Every food item I looked at, I wondered if it's 'safe'. Maybe I've become 'simple-minded' in my old age, but I think people should be able to food shop without fear, and when you buy a (beef) steak, it should be a (beef) steak, not a combo mix of GMO chicken/beans.
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    I went to their web sites today and they were trying to explain it away, but got NO sympathy from the commenters, they hammered them and hammered them hard. They dare touch my Garden...
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    Well.... then let them explain this away while they're at it, HP Hood and Organic Valley Cut Organic Family Farmers Income and NODPA Praises Horizon Organic for Honoring Their Contract With Their Farmers. - Free Online Library. To me.... that's major league scummy.
    I found this too which is going to become a costly PR nightmare for them, Organic Valley - GM Alfalfa: What's Happening Now. This is being referred to as "OrganicGate". How appropriate.
    Also too.... Stonyfield Farm's press release of their "side of the story" went ***poof***, http://www.stonyfield.com/blog/2011/01/19/we-can’t-let-ge-alfalfa-destroy-organic-dairy-a-letter-from-gary/. Imagine that. Here's a new and improved press release presumably purged of negative comments, The Organic Community Must Come Out Swinging at the Right Opponents « Stonyfield Farm: organic yogurt, organic living, & healthy food – BLOG.
    Here's an oldie but goodie on how criminalize seeds and they just pulled it off, Seeds - How To Criminalize Them.
    BAT> they don't need to touch your food with what they've done. Alfalafa is now going to be in our food chain. Livestock eat alfalfa.... we eat the livestock. Oh yay.... even more frankenfoods which means more processed people.


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