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    Schadenfreude Season Is Nigh

    For those of us who have watched Progressives busily sowing their legislative seeds in as many places as they could possibly find during the past few years of their legislative majority reign, CHANGE is about to happen.

    The fruit of all of their seeding efforts is all too apparent; the considered judgment of the electorate will be rendered (or votes tallied) on the first Tuesday in November.

    If the electorate judges the fruit of those efforts to be good, then there will be no way Progressives can possibly be dislodged from their majority.

    However, if the electorate finds the fruit of those efforts objectionable, our nation will experience the equivalent of Electoral Whiplash as Progressive majorities are decisively deposed.

    One of the guilty pleasures known to humans is the savoring of the misfortunes of our adversaries. The Germans have a special term for this: schadenfreude.

    Once conservative majorities are established in Congress and legislatures across the U.S.A., it is not yet time to kick back and congratulate ourselves.

    The president remains a committed Progressive, and he will have 2 more years to inflict his version of mischief upon our nation.

    When the Progressives lose their majority and conservatives gain it back, this will re-kindle genuine HOPE.

    Do not mistake this short time gain for a long lasting solution. The president will remain in place for 2 more years. Most astute economic luminaries agree that there will be no meaningful economic resurgence until 2013. Please note that 2013 is the first opportunity for a new president to be inaugurated--it is not a coincidence.

    Despite the hurdles remaining before us following this mid-term election, we will see our nation turn to genuine HOPE & CHANGE that has a foundation based upon the principles that have made us a great nation.
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