Why are kids so angry?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Seacowboys, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. Seacowboys

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    A few years ago, I helped out a friend that was promoting a concert in Jacksonville. The featured band was a group of kids, none of them drinking age, called "GreenDay". I didn't much care for the music, having noted how angry it was. I don't understand it. What are they so angry about? They haven't been here long enough to get that pissed-off yet. Then I started noticing Goths, and other angry kids everywhere. Why are they angry?
  2. Infidel

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    Just because they are young does not make stupid.
    They are angry for presisely same reasons the old kids are angry. A few years ago I learned not to think of an opinion of a person older than me any higher than of a 16 year old upon first contact. People often have never matured past that age. Yes they have jobs and expensive toys and kids themselves but many still do not know their ass from the hole in the ground. Everyone got an opinion so those are as rare as buttholes.
  3. ricdoug

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    To me, it's just music. Being in my 50's, I grew up with...

    Black Sabbath (Ozzie), Alice Cooper, Led Zeppelin and many other fine Hard Rock groups. Hard Rock is still my favorite flavor of music. I play that kinf of music every day. Not on the stereo, but on my own guitars. No suicides or homicides as a result of listening to anyone's music. None of my children (20 to 31 years old) have shot a cop or beat their spouse as a result of listening to their "Silly Gangsta' Rap", either. Just rent/buy and watch the Movie "Billy Jack" (if you have not already seen it) to see how silly kids of my (Vietnam) era were. I've watched Billy Jack NUMEROUS times. Nice to reflect. Ric
  4. ricdoug

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    Rockin' in my Living Room, singin' "Funky Lyrics"...

  5. Quigley_Sharps

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    They have no direction.
  6. Tracy

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    No role models.
    No family unit to come home to.
    Revenge, not forgiveness, is their mantra.

    I always waste my time just wondering
    What the next man thinks of me
    I'll never do exactly what I want
    And I'll sculpt my life for your acceptance

    And I feel forgotten
    Feel like rotting
    (Do you feel the same?)
    (Do you feel the same?)
    Just can't make sense
    (It's calling my name)
    (It's calling my name)

    I take a look around
    And all the things I've found
    I call it blind hatred
    If you'd stop a while
    And maybe if you'd smile
    You would realize that
    We're all the same

    It's just like our brain
    When it goes insane
    We feel the same pain

    All my life I've seemed to have this need
    I think at times it even turns to greed
    We all want to join some family
    We'll even sacrifice a moral changing

    And I feel forgotten
    Feel like rotting
    (Do you feel the same?)
    (Do you feel the same?)
    Just can't make sense
    (It's calling my name)
    (It's calling my name)

    Green Day, Road to Acceptance
  7. Clyde

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    Lack of Parental Involvement/Guidance. I think most of these kids simply are calling out for affection from their parents and by the time it is recognized, the kids have gone off the deep end.
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