Why Borders Matter (Link has GRAPHIC content)

Discussion in 'Politics' started by 3M-TA3, Jun 27, 2016.

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    This is what open borders will bring to the US. We already have square miles of US territory under the control of Mexican drug cartels that are so dangerous US citizens are prevented from entry... in their OWN country.

    WARNING - the link contains disturbing GRAPHIC content:
    GRAPHIC: Executions and Hacked Corpses Terrorize Mexico near Texas Border

    "CIUDAD VICTORIA, Tamaulipas — Cartel gunmen recently dismembered and bagged the bodies of two victims. The two gruesome executions were just part a total of five killed in half a day, as part of their ongoing war for territorial control in this border state.

    The most brutal act of violence took place on Friday evening when two gunmen in their early 20’s pulled up to an area near a private school and dumped two large black bags and a green poster board.

    The two large bags contained the remains of a man and a woman who had been dismembered by members of the Grupo Bravo faction of the Los Zetas cartel. In their banner, the cartel members accuse the victim of having betrayed them and call out their rivals to meet them head in the border city of Nuevo Laredo. The banner makes an obscure reference to the “cocina” or kitchen. The term applies to the cooking or incinerating of bodies. The message appears to also point out the ongoing rash of murders and disappearances in the area."​
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    Well duha, they do nothing but open the boarders to let this drug cartel insanity spill over into the U.S. then people will be begging the government to take what ever civil liberties and power they need to save the day.
    Don't liberals like say "the ends justify the means"?
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    As the cartels continue to bring murder and violence into the US, our politicians will respond by doing everything that can to disarm it's citizens somehow thinking that will make us safer.

    It's not the drug cartels - it's the guns
    It's not the terrorists - it's the guns

    Effing morons.
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    IMHO, this is all part of the "master plan." Let the state of the country appear in such dire straits that the sheeple are terrified and willing to give up any/all of their civil rights/liberties to the government. After all, the government is here to protect us all right?!?!? They know whats in our best interest correct!?!?!? They wouldn't do anything to harm us; to push their own agenda...........[sheep][sheep][sheep][sheep][sheep][sheep][sheep]
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