Why Cops Fear TSHTF

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    Its a bit long, but the first 15 minutes alone shows a pattern nationwide. Not saying ALL cops like this, but its becoming all too common.

  2. tacmotusn

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    LEOs need to strongly police their own for the good of all

    I quit watching at about 13 minutes. It was all I could stand to watch without losing my temper and locking and loading and going hunting. I have said it before and I will repeat myself. If people are shown respect they will show respect for the people they are dealing with. It is a two way street. Post SHTF there will be a time of atonement. Certain people who have acted like storm troopers and abused their position of authority will find themselves in a grave situation.
    What I fear the most, is that some people will condemm all LEOs for the abuses of a few.
    All good and reasonable LEOs need to weed out their ranks of the power mad idiots asap for sake of their continued good health and long life.
    I know of a prepper who has made statements to the effect that Post SHTF a certain person is going to cease to suck air. Hopefully Post SHTF I will have the opportunity to warn that person or rein in this Prepper. I know both of them and can not condone this action, and would actually protect the non prepper with deadly force if neccessary. The same hold true for LEOs I know to be good level headed people.
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  3. VisuTrac

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    There are good cops and bad cops.
    I think that only the bad cops should be worried.
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  4. tacmotusn

    tacmotusn RIP 1/13/21

    The problem comes with my second paragraph. From a distance, without precise identification, how do you tell the good from the bad? jus sayin
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  5. Witch Doctor 01

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    itr's just an inflamitory collection of bad cop issues... probably all they could find with a search on youtube... missed thr 99% of the cops whon lay it on the line... as far as Why cops fear SHTF... it's bull... might as well as have a compilation of why christians/white males/(insert your chosen target group here) fear when SHTF...

    Yes there are cops who don't deserve to wear the badge but for every one there are probably a hundered or so why do... B.S. compilations likethis do nothing but inflame folks...

    sorry Stang and Tac but i think this is bogus... YmmV
  6. UGRev

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    unfortunately, the few are now the exception and are woefully outnumbered. The "code" rules all and so long as one is a "cop", then that person is among them; good or bad. If the good cop bucks the system, he's bullied and reprimanded and forced out. You either comply or good-bye.
  7. tacmotusn

    tacmotusn RIP 1/13/21

    There my friend stands the problem. As long as good cops allow some asshole to polute their ranks, all of you will be painted with a wide brush, and justly so. The assholes have to be weeded out. If you can't figure a way to direct internal affairs as who to look at without endangering your own carreer I feel sorry for you. Birds of a feather and all that. [dunno] You have to figure a way to police your own. [beat]..... Would your code have protected Hitler, if he had been a cop?
  8. Brokor

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    I don't want to see the good cops get injured or killed. If they can't change the department or agency they work in, then it might be best to find suitable employment elsewhere.

    If/when the curtain drops, every black uniform on the front lines will be fair game. Many will be simply following orders, right along with the psyched up thugs who believe domestic threats come in the form of protest signs and singing in the streets. This does not excuse their participation, nor their silence.

    Hope for the best, plan for the worst.
  9. Alpha Dog

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    Alot of times the bad ones are so deep in the good Ol-boy system they are protected by the community and by the politians. These acts are not the first time these officers have done such now as for the second one with the video camera the guy had provked L.E.O.'s and had a felony warrant the only thing saved the officer was another neighbor running a camera. The officer was set up. Then the one with the black girl in the store did you hear well they shouldn't have put my brother in prison and I be damned if Im going to stand in public and be cussed like she was cussing him If I don't cuss them don't talk to me like Im a peice of crap. Now some of the others I agree wasn't right and if thats the way it went down those guys don't need a badge. The thing with video's and Im not saying this is one but alot take peices of video to make L.E.O.'s look bad. What that does is it takes away from the credibility of the true abuse cases. Like the one that hit the news a few year back where the L.E.O. was stroking the black kid in the back of the head people was outraged. After a week of it the people raising hell and 5 officers on scene the black kid had grabbed the L.E.O. by hie family jewles. Another citizen came forward with a video the black kid handcuffed had a death grip on the nadds while being handcuffed and his hands had to be beaten lose(painful video to watch as a man). Im not taken up for anyone that abuses people and the badge but alot of times the L.E.O.'s are targets just for having a badge. Im not going to lie there has been several times I have lost my temper with a perv or a wife beater.. I have never hit a man in cuffs but one time and I had tried everything to show him respect he didn't diserve. He spit in my face when I walked by him and I give him a open hand 4 finger attention getter. I didn't beat him but let him know if it ever happen again the cuff would come off along with the badge and gun at which point they could have the job because I was going to hurt him.

    As for the fear when the SHTF my attention will be to protect my family at that point I retire. The ones in the video's if they come go from civilans to target pratice. Plus what alot of the public don't understand in the hoods and streets when L.E.O. is gone that leaves the public to fend for themselves and some will be fine but alot won't. I worry for the safety of our nursing homes and elderly they will be over run for drugs and food. When the time comes alot of the public will have to resort to tactics to deal with these type of people that will make what L.E.O.'s do look like pre-school games. Just saying not defending
  10. tacmotusn

    tacmotusn RIP 1/13/21

    I agree with almost all that Alpha dog has said. As far as you retiring to take care of your family, I think many good officers will do the same. I suspect Post SHTF most organized remaining police departments will fall into one of two catagories. One, corupt, power hungry and dangerous to all that fall under their area of operations. They will have to be put out of business by a citizens mitilia. The second will be a blending of good cops with strong local approval and support of a citizen militia. As to the hospitals and nursing homes, I suspect 90% will be dead in less than 30 days, or ambalatory and with family or friends.
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  11. Tikka

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    Why do cops fear TSHTF because anyone with common sense would?
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  12. Brokor

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    Yeah, I know my local police are decent and will back up the (good) people if it gets to the point of WROL. Not a lot of towns in this area can say that, though.
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  13. Seacowboys

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    In times of crisis, even some of us that have fallen into less than stellar events for our own agenda, may find ourselves in a position to save lives and do a great deal of good. Only a fool will discount a persons worth in a SHTF situation based on events during "Normal" times. Sometimes it takes a real crisis to bring out the good buried deeply in a man. Rude awakenings do happen on occasion.
  14. 44044

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  15. Legion489

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    Good one Witch Doctor 101! What, you WEREN'T making a joke? I could list several dozen cop crimes off the top of my head.

    Town just north of me: Po-Lice Cheap climbs over SIX FOOT chain link fence and shoot family dog in front of family. Claims he "didn't know" SIX FOOT chain link fence was "fence".
    Sheriff deputy from next co. over comes to Iowa City, Ia and raped college student.
    Next co. over from me: Sheriff picks up drunk, turns out to be sheriff from next co. over from him, drunk WELL over legal limit. Co. Attorney drops all charges, clears record.
    Man (Erik Shaw) sitting in his business office in IC, IA when cop walks in and guns him down. Files one report, disappeared, filed second report, disappeared, filed third that cleared cop of any wrong doing, THAT is accepted and only one ever seen.
    North Liberty Leader paper: local Sheriff claims he is 100% Constution and Bill of Rights, pro-gun, but opposes the new law that FORCES him to give a gun permit to honest citizens. When asked why, he said if they have EVER got a parking ticket or speeding ticket, they are criminals and DO NOT deserve ANY Constitutional Rights! Of course he made money by SELLING carry permits and one of the sheriffs listed by Leg. as to why they needed to pass the law.

    I could list a few dozen more off the top of my head easily, went to college with a cop. Of course my cousin "teaches cops how to be cops". When asked what that means, he gets all huffy and puffy and goes "I TOLD YOU, I teach cops how to be cops!" When I get pulled over by an especially obnoxious cop that does not know the law, I ask if he knows my cousin. In an amazing number of them, they had him as a teacher. I tell them I could tell.
  16. larryinalabama

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    In an economic meltdown (curreltly being seen in counties and cities) Police wont be paid and wont serve. All I can say is be prepared to protect yourself.
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  17. Kingfish

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    Broker said
    If/when the curtain drops, every black uniform on the front lines will be fair game. Many will be simply following orders, right along with the psyched up thugs who believe domestic threats come in the form of protest signs and singing in the streets. This does not excuse their participation, nor their silence.

    I could not agree more. KF
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  18. Gator 45/70

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    All i'm seeing is intercity low life's...Location rule's...

    Out in the Parish's, ''County''' for the rest of the 49 state's...

    I have seen very,very few of this so called L.E.O. abuse...These guy's come by my house and B.S.

    Granted from time to time some low-life need's torque'n up...But Hell..These crack-head's know what to expect...or not...
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  19. Alpha Dog

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    Well the way I see it is I will do what ever I can to protect the citizens I have been sworn to but me and my family comes first. Don't mean to sound cold or not proud of the job that I have done for over 17years but my family comes first and depends on me to survive. Plus when SHTF it's going to be a chance for Big Brother to attempt a grab which will go against every thing I believe and have stood to protect. If I was to follow or stand for something I don't believe in I am no better than the criminals who want the control. Along with alot of the people I would be in confrontation with being people I know, call friends and see things the way they do. So as for me I shall lock down the home place and consider my property lines to be the border of the Republic of Alpha Dog. Enforcing my own set of border laws, any illegal crossing shall be taken as an act of aggression and responded to with aggression.
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    Conciderin our local police officer was married last friday night (to an actual human woman we are proud to report) and we (all the local citizens plus the four other officers from the town PD) were all together as family, I am quite confident who they will protect when SHTF.
    The local Troopers will do what they do best, follow orders no matter what those orders are. Dont get me wrong, in todays "normal" times they are professional, courteous, and fair. But they do follow orders like good stormtroopers should. SHTF and they will be kicking down doors locking down the new police state.
    The County boys.......well, them County boys.......they own this here County. Ya see, they take care of things how they should be taken care of. No BS, no wastin taxpayer money on stupid crap. Fix the problem and get back out on the road. If that means Billy Rae and Bobbie Jo need to be seperated and Billy duct taped to a tree until he sobers up or until Bobbie gets feelin friskey then that beats the thousands of dollars that would be spent on going through the system only to have the EXACT same thing happen three nights later when one of them score a 30 pack of Bud.
    Basically I am not too worried. The Staties will be called downstate to handle the masses out of NYC or west to handle Rockester or Buffalo. Of course there is always North for Syracuse and Albany. Plenty of large population centers to concentrate manpower on. Here, cows and chickens outnumber people. Local PD will be left to protect their own and I am just fine with that!!!
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