Why did I open a Forum here?

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    Alright already...

    Even though I am heavily involved in another survival forum, I'm sick of telling you Survival monkey users that I have no forum. Here it is..

    www.SurvivalMonkey.com has been a pretty big hit though I never really tried to make it so.

    I have gotten over a hundred requests for a forum. Here it is... Kicking and screaming all the way...

    I looked at a few BB software packages and settled on the phpBB version. Main reason being that I really like to support Open Source programs. VB was only $160 to buy or $85 to lease. .... Not the issue. phpBB had more to offer and the security was top notch.

    The trial run was using a straight version of phpBB. I quickly found out that I wanted more control over the board and so a quick search gave me Przemo's total mod of phpBB.

    That being said, (especially if tech stuff bores you), the programmer is Eastern European and much of the text was translated to english. If you see something that looks like a chinese instruction manual in English, let me know aand I'll fix it. :rolleyes:

    So here we are. 4, oops, much more 2 days later, forums. Chat, picture hosting, etc

    I'm not trying to compete with the other Survival forums I'm on. Just trying to fill a user based need here.

    Let's see where this goes!

    oh yeah, check out the ShoutBox at the bottom of the screen... It's like an always present chat box on the site.

    ALso, you don't have to use a photo host to link add pics. You can simply use the Attach File box in the Post screen and browse to your PC to upload a pic. Full size pic, that is

    Please give me some feedback in the GD forum.




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