Why do people put themselves through the humiliation

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  1. chelloveck

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    Why do people put themselves through the humiliation of appearing on "reality" TV?? The appearance money couldn't be worthit could it? The expression on the plaintiff's face at the end of the Youtube video clip is priceless.

    Stupid Christian Wears Mini-Dress to Court - YouTube
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  2. oldawg

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    Could be the money but more likely we have interfered a little too much with the Darwin process.jmho
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  3. ditch witch

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    Some people are just attention whores.
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  4. Seawolf1090

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    So...... what does religion have to do with this...? A whore is a whore, no matter her religion. She could just as easily be muslim, Hindu, Jewish, etc.

    I'd be more concerned with the lack of respect shown the Judge. These 'kids' were never taught basic ettiquette. No "Yes, Your Honor" or anything resembling a proper response among them.
    Our socirty has been drastically "dummed down".
  5. Tikka

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    What did religion have to do with it? There are too many cow flops in that pasture.
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