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    [​IMG] Re: What I Learned From This Beating
    "Since this is in the General Discussion Section my comments will be more general:

    GIMer Grad explained it very well by simply saying that Cash Is King wtshtf. I am going to limit my AGEs to having just enough for bribes crossing the border as a refugee. Physical is useless when bread is scarce and when bread is scarce beans, bullets, and band-aids obviously make more sense. A better inflation-hedge is stockpiling the ordinary stuff you need to survive. A basement full of on-sale bulk disposables bought at today's Wal-Mart cheap prices is far more secure than any investment portfolio.

    When it comes to "investments" the Game is obviously rigged by insider trading, outright fraud, government lies, and accounting voodoo. Pump-And-Dump is now the norm. That Kramer guy on teevee does it all the time...he tells the sheeple "buy this" and the stock goes up overnight. Him and his insider buddies bought the day before. They sell the day before Kramer says "time to sell this dog" and just go on to the next cycle. PMs also go up and go down for no logical reason.

    Grad is right: Cash Is King and the big boys have it or just print more. HT is right in saying that it is almost Game Over."

    Orginally posted by on GIM by Kahlil Gibran.

    I wish I said it first, but it sure makes sense to me now.
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    Welcome to the Monkey Copperhead.
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    Welcome Copperhead..... Thanks for the post....

    Yup... Survival and Prosperity is a mental game.... Reality is a perception and perspective thing.... sometimes its hard to tell what's really going on and what to do.... lot's of good information and ideas here... glad you stopped by....
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