Why Is Everyone on the Internet So Angry?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by melbo, Feb 25, 2013.

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    The above demonstrates, EXACTLY why I never take what I read, ANYWHERE, as TRUTH, until I do my OWN Research, and Due Diligence, and AT LEAST go back to the original Research Paper, usually Published in a Peer Reviewed Journal. Then I read the Peer Reviews, for what they may add, to the Paper, and THEN form MY OWN Conclusions, as the efficacy of the Information...... ..... YMMV....
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    My opinion may not at all times be popular, but at least it will always be MY opinion.
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    My opinion so frequently contradicts the general trend that I doubt that anyone could suggest that my opinion is anything but my own. I like to examine a thesis forensically, then find any flaws in logical reasoning and then expose and attack those flaws. If I think that a point of view has merit, then I'll look at both sides of an argument to see if the merit is merited.

    Arguments relying on, or appealing to emotion can often be flawed, and its the flaws in an argument that interest me much more than the anger or righteous indignation that the issue provokes. What is the evidence, and where will it take me: For or against the affirmative proposition??
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    People on the internet are angry and insult one another because they can get away with it. It's awfully hard to hit, stab, or shoot someone through a DSL line. :D
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    When visiting NY city and environs I was shocked at how rude/unfriendly people are. Hell, if I had to live there I would be angry constantly also. Seems we all are getting a "belly full" of politics, paying other's way through life, being subjected to more and more gub pressures, and being spied upon by same. It is enough to rub one the wrong way. I see more and more "Don't Tread On Me" flags being displayed on personal poles, bumper stickers, etc. Being a peace loving person is becoming harder and I hear more and more expressions of despair and even depression. When you cannot make "ends meet" and there is no foreseeable way out it gets to your nerves. When the gub robs us at every point and seems to rub our noses in it then people get angry. nobammy is preparing for martial law by sending 50+ armored personnel carriers into every state, billions of rounds being bought, and drones overhead---yep, people are beginning to feel threatened and angry about it. Not me of course--I just love it--being protected that way---so comforting knowing my uncle cares about me/mine.
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    Sarcasm intended, I assume.
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    I'm working on a gadget to do that for me....:D
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    Why Is Everyone on the Internet So Angry?

    Because there is no accountability or consequences. If there's the least uncivil bone in a person's body, it shows.
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    What, there's no app for that?
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    I agree.

    The anonymity of the internet allows a persons true self to come out. If you would never act a certain way in person but would in a anonymous internet forum what depicts your truest nature?
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    I am generally and often perceived as angry, but that's because my writing is not exactly the same as the way I speak. Just imagine everything I am typing as not being yelled at you, it might help.

    When I type something like, "everything you have ever believed to be real, is actually just a BIG f*&ing lie." I would say that with a smirk and a wink. I know. I'm sexy and I know it.
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    [ditto] [mex]
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    No. :p
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    Combine this with a growing population that has very little regard for others, living in the moment burning the candle at both ends and put 'em all in densely populated areas and somebody is gonna come out swinging. Society has gone mad with no end in site.
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