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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by marlas1too, Dec 25, 2012.

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    all u ever hear is ar15 this and ar15 that -IMPO the ar15 stoner is a piece of c$#p we use the nic name of poodle shooter for it--give you any thoughts----i would rather have a 7.62x39 sks or the ak47 both are more dependable than than the ar15 the 223 is good for around 300 yards and the 7.62x39 is good for 400 yards--look it up---and the first assault weapon was in ww1 and it was a 12 gage pump (in the hands of a marine) IMOO
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  2. tacmotusn

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    Damn lady, you sure are fired up. We have folks here preaching for the AR platforms, and also for the AK/SKS familys. Then there is also us 7.62x51mm nato / .308 Win fanatics. No one will deny the reliabilty factor and history of the SKS or AK family. IMHO the AK in 7.62x39mm is just about on par with a 30/30 Win power wise, probably less accurate in the AK, and is just not a long range weapon. 400 yards is not long range All these weapons discussions are just like whose car or truck is the best. Personal preferences and unsolveable arguments abound.
    There is plenty of info here about AKs ...... use our search function.
    BTW, calling anyones gun, vehicle, or significant other a piece of crap is not a great idea. It's not even a good idea. It will however start a conversation or a rant.
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    Yeah, there are positives and negatives for all platforms. I personally have an AR, because that's what I'm most familiar with, but being on the receiving end of any of the mentioned weapons would not be a desirable situation. I do have to question the claim that the AR-15 is good for only about three hundred yards. A few years back, when my eyesight would allow it, I had no problem hitting a man sized target from 500 yards about ninety-five percent of the time, with iron sights, with an M-16/AR-15. It's all about knowing your weapon and ammo. As Tac said, it's personal preference. In the hands of someone who knows what they are doing, any of these weapons will do the job.
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    ok ok this old lady will keep her mouth shut from now on
  5. marlas1too

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    mods --please remove this thread i started
  6. Gray Wolf

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    Don't be so touchy Marla. Everyone has preferences, and when SHTF, you roll with what you have, and if you have practiced with it, you will make it do.
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    Marla, don't worry about it, sometimes we need a good conversation starter. Personally, a 22lr is my go to in a SHTF - useful, cheap, and plentiful ammo. we all have our likes and dislikes, but any firearm is better then none at all.
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    Marla you didn't start anything. Don't worry about it. Wanna see crushed toes look up some of the 9 versus .45 threads. All opinions are welcome here just some raise more passion than others is all.
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    The Ogre at this party is me. I am worse than a mexican fighting bull in a china shop. .........
    I slowly hesitantly draw my razor sharp two handed claymore ..... Placing the cap of the hilt 3 feet in front of me. I have already sliced both hands. Holding the tip just below my sternum I look around one last time, sigh, and fall forward fully pierced through and through, expiring in seconds, numb from shock.
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    Will the Lady, please accept my apology and reenter the conversation.
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    Looks like we scared her off! I was looking forward to a lively discussion comparing the two.

    Either way, I do enjoy saying that I like both platforms :^)
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    I locked the thread, and asked the Admin's to weigh in on whether to keep it or delete it... The consensus was that there was "No harm, No foul" here, so I unlocked it.... Explanation done with... Every ones opinion is welcome.....
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    Maybe some people would posts here more if it wasn't so heavily moderated. Nothing personal, just saying.
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    I have weapons in each of the 3 cartridges mentioned in this thread. Between the AR and AK the only difference I see is one has better long range accuracy and the other has better stopping power. So I consider them close to equal and which one will be best for you depends on your situation. If I want to reach out and touch someone then the 308 comes out.

    I have posted this before and will post here again on the lethality of the 223 cartridge. Using 55 grain FMJ military ammo I have killed a small buffalo, wild boar, mule and blacktail deer with one shot and the animal did not know what hit it. Shot placement was critical when using that small of a bullet, shots averaged 100 yards and FMJ was used so the bullet did not break up and had good penetration.
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  15. Pax Mentis

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    Well I always have said that being shot with 7.62 and seeing plenty shot with 5.56 gave me a healthy respect for 5.56.

    Granted, I am looking at around 100 yards range (any longer and I am gonna be either unassing the area or being vewwwy quiet, depending on circumstance) and I don't argue that 7.62 did some serious damage...but 5.56, at least with the old 1/12 or 1/15 twist would have made a puddle out of me.

    I do generally prefer the AK platform though, and my personal favorite rifle for living in the muck is a Saiga .223 converted back to an AK101 configuration. I'll admit though that, as I get older, the AR 15 moves up my list just for the weight differential if I am gonna be carrying the sucker up and down hills.

    How's that for disagreeing with everyone? :)
  16. STANGF150

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    My preference is for a rifle with a Full magazine that holds a lotta boollits, an that magazine having many many other friends just like it
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    Not bad on the imagery! :cool:
  18. kellory

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    My only rifle at the moment is a glenfield model 60, and it got a new scope mounted today.;)
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    ok if you like the mattie matel more power to toy I just don't like the 223 I like the AK and SKS or dependability for my loooong range rifle I use a Winchester model 54 (made around 1928-29 in 30-06 it also is fitted for stripper clips _5 rnd._ most rounds reloaded to the max.should match the 308 another fine round but then again I'm old old school--hell I can kill a deer with a 22 or most big game -its just where you put the round--like the marines snipers say 1 shot 1 kill----sorry if I opened a can of worms
  20. UGRev

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    Let me say this. Like what you like, use what you want. When the SHTF, byog and ammo and I won't give a crap what it is. If it can throw lead down range, it's good to go. Honestly.. in a worst case scenario, having a variety is not a bad thing. I personally am not a "fan" of the AK, but that's on the outside of things. If an AK is all I had access to, then guess what. All the conveniences of being able to say "I like this or that" when things go belly up turn into "Thank God I have something that goes bang".
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