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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by marlas1too, Dec 25, 2012.

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    Tac, you're such a brute. :)
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    I am an old gruff retired navy chief. What can I say.
  3. Pax Mentis

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    Pretty sure we are all talking about what we prefer...not the only thing we will use.

    One of the many great things about prepping is that you get to decide what you like best and obtain it while you still have a choice.
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    Pretty sure it won't matter much during SHTF. When bullets start flying, some people will be praying to a God they don't think exists for a weapon they don't think we should have access to. The rest of us will have extras.
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    No need to not have your say on any topic...nor is there any need to delete this thread either. Many topics boil down to matters of opinion, but sometimes the reasons for supporting or criticising (as in critiqueing) an opinion, can encourage folk to research the matter a little further for themselves.

    It should be remembered that under battle conditions, when having sh!t, shot and shell being thrown at you...the effective practical battle range can drop to much less than the maximum range capabilities experienced on the mound at a rifle range. At a rifle range you don't have to fight a cocktail of hormones sending your heart rate and breathing into overdrive (unless you have a platoon sergeant reaming you out for some safety infraction). This is why the army...invests a lot of time and effort making training as close to as real as they can make it.

    At one range practice my soldiers were feeling rather cocky at their performance at dropping targets at a falling plate firing practice. I sent the detail through again, but got them to do it after a 100 metre sprint in patrol order, with artillery ground burst simulators being thrown (a safe distance) nearby by the assistant range staff. The detail's accuracy was less impressive than when they were not under stress...and they learned a little humility and that combat shooting isn't quite the same as leisurely hitting bulls on a range mound.
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    Not sure if it the Holiday Spirit or sumthin else, but I am for once agreeing with you .....[boozingbuddies]
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    Yep, battle stations efficiency goes to hell in a handbasket when depth charges are ringing in your ears.
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  8. Pax Mentis

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    Someone's expecting tact from a navy chief...? And a brownshoe type at that...

  9. tacmotusn

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    Hah! You are wrong on two points. I put my anchors on in 1983. Brown Shoes were gone at that point. #2, I got all the tact I was ever issued, cause I haven't ever used any. Not one iota.
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    Hah...if I'm only wrong on 2 things today, it's because I was asleep and my wife was gone

    I'm an army guy from a navy family, I lost track of the navy some time in the late 60s...how should I know when they quit wearing brown shoes with khakis. My brother was a brownshoe and so shall remain until he (or I) dies
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    Yep, that just about says it all. Bless you my son. Go and sin no more..... lol
  12. Pax Mentis

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    Wow...I had no idea you were a "progressive" until I saw how you altered quotes to make it say what you wanted.

    We have a Democrat old swab jockey in our midst.

    I was playing...but now I see you really suck.
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    LOL .... excellent call. Except I am no Demoncrat or "progressive". I plead guilty to the choppin' n compiling. Hey if it was on a digital recording it would sound perfect. I was just playin' as well, so I won't take the "you really suck" comment seriously. I kinda wonder about a Grunt appearing to be so thin skinned. Of course maybe this is all a slight misunderstanding. [beer]
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    I've got two SKS's myself, amongst others, and they're probably my favorite of the lot.

    They're simple, powerful, snap together like Lego, and will keep on shooting despite neglect and abuse.

    Thumbs up!
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    I prefer having "ALL of the Above" .... I prefer to shoot an AR but am proficient enough with an Ak. My eyesight is still better than most so the AR works great for those longer distances. But shooting an AK at something a little closer def has it's advantages as well. Iw was said an AR was like a toy gun ... I like toy guns that how I first learned to shoot [reddevil]
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    The AK-74 replacement, the AK-12, appears to be interesting. Of course, they've made it more AR-like and there seems to be controvery about its actual release or manufacture. I haven't looked for the similar AK-47 replacement/upgrade. Perhaps they'll make it in .223/5.56 too.

    For those who can't decide which is best, there's alway the Sig 556, whose design incorporates the best of both worlds. Until recently, it also combined the prices - it's more affordable than it used to be. Plus you can reload the brass cases, unlike the steel 5.45x and 7.62x39 - don't tell me you have piles of that brass :^)
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